Bayern vs Buffon

3 April 2013, blog Kate Kozz

Oh, the Old Lady… Buffon is your stick… Well, on the whole, the clash was a tense catching thriller watched in one breath. Flash-like goal from the very start, myriad of fouls, inadequate judge, sparkling Bayern and Impudent Lady. The Juve’s play disappointed me much. Lonely Buffon against immovable wall of Bavarians. But, indeed, who of the guests, besides Gigi, played in the match? About a dozen saves! Is it normal? And what are the defenders paid for? Where were they at all? I hear it told that Buffon is a goof-up: so shamefully screwed up at the beginning and made such a blunder then. Yeh, the goal into 20 seconds into the match is quite a shame for a goalkeeper of his caliber. I guess Gigi himself feels that. But the second one… The defenders are loafers. It is the defense who mustn’t let the ball approach the box. And a keeper should be mostly for the goal’s adornment, like Neuer was ))

Poor poor Gigi! Poor veteran Pirlo and poor Conte. His side showed a disgusting play at Allianz Arena, especially in the first half, hardly ever possessing a ball. They committed an array of fouls! Though, due to absolutely illogical judgment by Mark Clattenburg, good half of fouls were excused to the Italians. Vidal acts as he wants allotting stumbles all over, then someone from Juve strikes the Bayern player from behind – dirty play is still unpunished. The slight foul by Mandžukić was evidently just a loyalty test for the judge… grasshopper-killer Chiellini irritated with his brazen upper play and absurdly ridiculous Lichtsteiner’s simulation even made me lough :)

Bayern were on high as usual. Enormous well-oiled mechanism. No chaotic movements, no fuss, no haste. They simply pleased my eye. The Bavarians just played their game and felt at ease, but suffered from walloping sometimes :) Though, I dare say, they surely could make it even better – so many goal attempts fell. Hope in the second leg the Germans will make revenge for mistreatment. Hope to see Bayern in the finals ;)
Автор: Kate Kozz

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4 April 2013, 07:39

the Old Lady looked like an inexperienced teenager.. I have no clue if Conte had any plan at all..

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4 August 2013, 12:36

I read with interest the article

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