European football is the most popular sport in the world

4 July 2017, blog localgum

European football is the most popular sport in the world. American football is the most popular sport in the United States. This article will cover both. European football betting is very widespread. There are fans in almost every country and the language of the sport is shared worldwide. There isn’t a sport that brings out more pride from a fan than football. Since it is so widespread, your favorite teams from Brazil to Japan are only a click away. Nearly all bookmakers will offer odds on any football match, from the World Cup to the smallest club.

The odds are stacked against you. Only 10% of people make a profit. Blind or random betting is unfavorable over the long term, just like at a casino. Researching and reviewing rating systems is a way to find errors made by the bookmaker that work to your advantage. Basically, you need to do the same thing as the bookmaker. Estimate the chance of a particular outcome and assign an odds value of it happening. This is easier said than done. Profits arise when your odds are more accurate than the bookmaker’s. A value bet, which you should always look for, is when the bookmaker’s automatic advantage is taken into account and the odds are still in your favor.

Fixed Odds

These are the odds you bet on. The rise of the internet has given bookmakers more flexibility. When it comes to big games, you can expect to see a large turnover. But on smaller ones, the typical home/draw/away market may not fluctuate from the original prices by more than 10%.

The odds ratio is determined by the probability of each outcome occurring. For example, in an England vs. Ireland football game, if England has an 80% chance of winning, the stake for them to win will be four times that of the stake for them to lose. In other words, if the punter wagers 80 on England winning and it happens, their return is only 20. Inversely, if England loses, the punter against England would get an 80 profit on a 20 wager. So, the odds for an England victory are 1/4, and the odds for an England loss are 4/1.

Asian Handicap

If you’re not a big risk taker but want to dabble in football betting, this is the type for you. Asian handicapping is a type of spread betting with handicaps described in terms of half or quarter goals. The draw is eliminated as a possibility so you have a 50% chance of success. Asian handicaps are good for bookmakers in that they help balance the amount of wagering on each side of the spread, but also bad for bookmakers in that they have typically low margin offerings that don’t contribute to the gross win.

Football is one of the few sports that have a lot of games resulting in ties. A punter loses in fixed-odds betting when the game ties. However, in Asian handicaps, there is no chance of tying. The goal of the best online bookies is to make a handicap, or line, that has the odds around 50% for either team to win. As a result, Asian handicaps pay out close to even. The use of half and quarter goals can help the spread.

For example:

Italy vs. Hungary

Handicap: 0:+1.5

(Italy is giving Italy one and a half goals for the game)

If the final score of the game is Italy winning 2–1, then a bet on Hungary wins considering the handicap is Italy 2–2.5 Hungary.

Quarter and 2-Way Handicaps

Handicaps can be in 1/2 (half) and 1/4 (quarter) intervals, eliminating the possibility of a push (tie) since there is no such thing as a half-goal. Quarter handicaps split the bet between the next two closest ¼ intervals. In other words, you can win and tie (win 1/2 of the bet) or lose and tie (loser 1/2 of the bet).

For example:

Italy vs. Hungary

Handicap: 0:+1.0,+1.5

(half of your bet goes on Hungary winning by 1 goal, and the other half goes on Italy winning by 1.5 goals)

If the final score is Italy winning 1–0, half of your bet is refunded for the draw (Italy 1?—?+1 Hungary). The second half of your bet would win (Italy 1?—?+1.5 Hungary).

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