The final of the Cup of the King

12 May 2013, blog gento

May 17 to 21 : 30 at the stadium «Santiago Bernabeu» Spain will receive an answer to your question: «Who will be the winner of the Cup of the King of football».In the meeting will be the king of Spain Juan Carlos and queen Sofia. Judge a game will be Carlos Gomez.
In the final tournament of football's oldest Spain will face the "Real" Madrid and "Atletico" of Madrid. It is a game of 109 of the final of the Copa del Rey. Before that in this tournament, won by fc "Barcelona" (26), "Athletic club Bilbao (23),"Real" (18) and the club, "Athletic" Madrid (9).
These clubs in the end are already in its fifth edition. Three times has won the "Athletic", and once the "Real" Madrid.
The two teams at the end came, defeating strong rivals. The "Real" Madrid has won the «Celtic» (4:0 and 1:2), "Valencia" (2:0 and 1:1) and «Barcelona» (1:1 and 3:1), and the "Athletic" was stronger, «Sevilla» (2:1 and 2:2), «Getafe» (0:0 and 3:0), and the «Betis» (2:0 and 1:1).
The game is expected with great interest, the service no longer.
It is difficult to predict the result. Forces almost the same.

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