Not only men watch football ;) Women, catch the spirit!

21 February 2013, blog Kate Kozz

So, the first leg of the Champions League Round of 16 is left behind. Some fans triumph and walk on air, some feel upset but still make hope linger on, some are mazed and puzzled and can’t predict anything any more. I couldn’t stay apart and watched some of the matches. And want to share my unbiased impressions. Don’t pass severe judgment on me. I am a newcomer in the world of football. Moreover, I am a woman :)

Valencia – PSG (1-2)

Perhaps I can’t know chalk from cheese but it was an unsightly match for me. It looked like kind of chaos… Topsy turvy movements, rambling players, sporadic attacks. Sometimes it looked like a street football. Lavezzi and Pastore were bright but what Valencia defenders were doing while the Paris men scored? They hardly made an effort to help Vicente Guaita. To tell you the truth, it was eminent Ibra whom I laid all hopes on. I remember his marvelous play during Euro 2012 and these endless talks about his crazy goal versus England in a friendly match in November. What happened to him at Estadi de Mestalla? He made a silliest unspeakable damnedest blunder on Guardado that cost him the forthcoming game instead of producing good goals. I dare say, the expression ‘to Zlatan’ stuck to him not long ago, will soon mean ‘to make outrages’ but not ‘to score spectacular goals’.

Real Madrid – Manchester United (1-1)

All the football magazines, observers, sport TV channels gleamed with the reviews about the match. The world went crazy. And one has to agree that the much-talked-of showdown between two world-famous heavyweights passed up to scratch. In comparison with the yesterday’s match between Valencia and PSG, Real and ManUn showed an eye-catching game. It pleased me well, though I guess many people expected spicier clash. David De Gea was up to the mark. Ronaldo… He evokes mixed feelings. He is an excellent player but I personally scorn his posh and pompous behavior and that simper on his face. By the way, well before the match Cristiano shouted head off that he wouldn’t celebrate if he scored against his former club. How couldn’t he celebrate, at least slightly, such a spectacular header? ;)

Arsenal – Bayern (1-3)

After emotional play of Spaniards, Bayern looks like an enormous well-oiled machine. No chaotic movements, no fuss, no haste. Only pin point passes, thought-out passages, distinct goals. They’ll never let themselves squirm on the field for no good reason like Spaniards or Italians. They play tough football. In one word, Bayern were magnificent. They couldn’t but impress everyone. I think that even the most devoted Gunners’ fans admired the play of the German humdinger deep in their hearts.

Many people say that Wenger’s men are not such a hard nut for the Bavarians to crack, and that’s why they felt homey at Arsenal’s ground. As for me, the Gunners fought with dignity. Anyway, they disturbed Manuel Neuer at least with one goal unlike glorious Barca who returned home with nothing.

Milan – Barcelona (2-0)

I imagine what protest can arise my words from Barcelona fans, but as for me Blaugrana looked faded at San Siro last night. The club packed with iconic players, Barcelona should have beaten Milan black-and-blue. Instead, they gifted Rossoneri two goals and went home with their heads down. I believe that legendary Barca may give it hot to any team (as it’s not for nothing that Messi got his another Ballon d'Or) but yesterday it was a logy day for them. I waited so much for some extravagant goal from Leo! But he left me with nothing…

In the contrary, I was pretty much pleased by the goal from Muntari – real delight! El Shaarawy showed a fine play, though his hair-style is kind of strange )) In general, Allegri’s men seemed more pushing and self-assured. Rossoneri first goal seemed controversial to me. Wasn’t there a hand-play? Another controversy is Busquets’ yellow card. What for? Within my eyesight, the Spaniard played ball. And of course it was a pleasure to admire self-sacrificing play of Puyol. With a plaster on his forehead, he burst to go into action and played with his head. Does this man have brakes or fear? )) I guess, in the 2nd leg there should be something hot at Camp Nou as Barca won’t leave the stage as simple.

Автор: Kate Kozz

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22 February 2013, 06:55

Lady, you're talking as if you were watching football for ever! :) And it feels so right to hear someone unbiased speak about the game!

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22 February 2013, 07:11

Can women be unbiased? No. They are not interested in tactics, they just want to see a show. Women watch football matches expecting action, scurvy tricks and extravagancies. And when they get what they want, women say that they like football.

Davis's picture
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22 February 2013, 08:35

Davis wrote:
Can women be unbiased? No. They are not interested in tactics, they just want to see a show. Women watch football matches expecting action, scurvy tricks and extravagancies. And when they get what they want, women say that they like football.

Yeh, you are right... Tactics is less important for them. But don't you as well expect a show? I think you also watch futbol to see something interesting, something fascinanting. And you love it for THAT, no for tactics.

Chica Bumbona's picture
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