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30 June 2022, blog Owen Maxted

The brand Oris is named after a river that flows close to a village where the company has set up shop since the 19th century. Yes, this is Holstein that we are talking about over here. The word Oris derives as much from the Roman word Orusz as it does from the Celtic word Aurisa. It is also appropriate that the watchmakers have named the brand after a water body. This is something that you should know when you are buying the big crown bronze pointer date from Oris. First of all, the watch-making industry of Switzerland has long had a fruitful relationship with nature.   

Most of the companies that make watches in Switzerland have been using hydropower since the later part of1800s. However, in the case of Oris, the bond is much closer than the rest. In the case of all the major watch brands of the world, you have some definitive element associated with them or the other. For Tag Heuer you have racing, in the case of Omega it is space science, and in the case of Breitling, it is aviation. For Oris, it has always been its commitment to being as environment-friendly as it can be. This is reflected in products such as Tag Heuer watches as well. 

Apart from that the company also uses hydropower to operate its head offices. They have also donated to environmental groups that are fighting for noble causes and this is how they have further improved their goodwill. It was in 2010 that the campaign named Change for the Better was launched by the organization. This was a focused effort that attempted to bring donations to and increase awareness about various efforts at conservation. No wonder its products such as are as popular as they are. As part of the campaign, the first watch that was launched was the Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition. 

This was an Aquis dive watch and its primary aim was to help the Australian Marine Conservation Society. After that, Oris has allied with the likes of the Coral Restoration Foundation so that it can restore and preserve the natural beauty of this planet as well as its oceans for the benefit of the generations to come. The best part of these nature-oriented endeavors is the amazing collection of limited edition watches that Oris keeps on making. You can be sure that you would get some really good certified pre owned watches in Canada.   

Автор: Owen Maxted

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