2 August, 2012 - 12:10

Adam Szalai signed a two-year extension of his deal with Mainz

Adam Szalai signed a two-year extension of his deal with Mainz

The Hungarian forward said that Mainz was very special for him, stating: ’I really feel at home in Mainz and in terms of the football I have the feeling that I’m going to develop further here .’

Szalai was grateful that the team and the fans supported him when he was injured and that also influenced his decision.

Mainz sporting director Christian Heidel claimed that they were very happy Adam would continue his football career in the club as Szalai was an influential player last season. Manager Thomas Tuchel also praised the fact that the striker penned a two-year contract, emphasizing he had impressive technique, physical presence and positive character.

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17 August 2012, 13:06

WTF? Cannot believe that!

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