18 March, 2013 - 13:33

AEK Athens midfielder is banned for life over Nazi salute

AEK Athens midfielder is banned for life over Nazi salute

The football federation of Greece decided to give a lifetime ban from all national teams following Giorgos Katidis’s Nazi salute to fans.

The 20-year-old AEK player Giorgos Katidis made the gesture after netting the winning goal in a 2-1 Super League victory over Veria.

“The player’s action to salute to spectators in a Nazi manner is a severe provocation, insults all the victims of Nazi bestiality and injures the deeply pacifist and human character of the game,” reads the official statement of the Greek federation.

The midfielder has already apologized for the gesture, claiming he will take all responsibility for his actions.

“I made the mistake so I will be the one to pay for it, AEK is not responsible. So that is why I have decided to put myself out of the team because I have now realised how much I have offended the history of the club. Also, I understand fully the reasons for the decision made by the Greek Football Federation to which I owe a huge apology as it has helped me to get where I am in the professional game,” stated Katidis.

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