13 July, 2012 - 09:25

Andre Villas-Boas: ‘Abramovich was not putting up to the things he promised’

 ‘Abramovich was not putting up to the things he promised’

Andre Villas-Boas says that the decision to break the contract with him made by Roman Abramovich after only nine months is something he will ‘never accept’.

The Portuguese manager admitted that the owner of the club did not do what he promised to and sacked him even though was desperate to bring Villas-Boas from Porto to the English capital. The reasons the parties did not support each other are not to be made public he underlined.

The manager also added he was glad Chelsea claimed the Champions League trophy and the FA Cup, but no one believed in the team when he was constructing it. He did not take all credit for the victories yet the decision to terminate his contract made emotional impact on players and liberated them.

The current Tottenham Hotspur coach also admitted that his principles had not been appreciated in England but he is ready to defend them.

The 34-year old specialist was appointed as Tottenham manager taking over the post from Harry Redknapp. Villas-Boas claimed that his aim with a new club is to build a strong squad and to win trophies.

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