25 September, 2012 - 09:12

Another crushing blow for Liverpool

Another crushing blow for Liverpool

Liverpool loses some of the key players due to injuries.

Liverpool’s player Martin Kelly received trauma in the weekend game against Manchester United. According to the reports, the full-back raptured the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and will be out of the squad until next season.

The player himself claimed, that the injury was the worst one he ever had, yet he assured he would fight for his place the following season and return fitter and stronger.

That is not the only disappointing loss for the Reds, as the Italian forward Fabio Borini complained about the pain in his ankle and will undergo an MRI scan tomorrow, missing some training sessions. And the defender Daniel Agger has got a “significant bone bruise” on his right foot but had not sustained ligament damage.

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25 September 2012, 15:10

That’s a really harsh blow for the boy. Was very awkward. Looks like Liverpool is in big trouble after all..

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25 September 2012, 15:18

they should sack Rodgers!!!

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