12 July, 2013 - 13:36

Anti-rumors: Rooney is not leaving Manchester United

Anti-rumors: Rooney is not leaving Manchester United

The transfer window has only been here for a couple of weeks and we‘ve already got plenty of food on the table: Monaco endless spree, Bayern snapping talent from bitter rivals, Madrid snapping the best talent in Spain, Barcelona finally ending the long-lasting Neymar speculation, Juventus bidding for European success, English clubs importing Spanish commodities. Plus, almost a complete circular flow of managers around Europe. That would be more than enough for most of us. But not for those who can’t get a good sleep without fresh Rooney talks..

Why on Earth would anyone care that much about a footballer? A good one, no doubts about that, but not Messi or Ronaldo for sure? How many people in the country get hair transplantations once in a while? How many people have a tendency to get moody about their job every now and then? How many people would ponder on changing their job? How many people take a sick leave after being injured at work? How many people are dropped from the squad while there is a special project need? We reckon it’s all fine with all of us. Not Wayne Rooney. Sir Alex Ferguson dared to omit him from Real Madrid match? There is a row, definitely. He got injured while training in Thailand? Oh, he just needs time to settle his transfer! His hair is falling out? North England climate is not doing him any good, he is moving to Paris (Madrid/Munich). He is getting fat! He must not want to train for such a tiny club as Manchester United! What is all this speculation about?
We would want to tell one thing: Wayne Rooney is not leaving United!

Firstly, he is one of the highest-paid footballers in the world and do you believe anybody would pay more to an ageing lad whose best football years are possibly behind? Definitely not. Secondly, his family lives in Liverpool-Manchester area and he has proved to be a good son and a caring husband to move far from home. Then, and most importantly so, United gave Wayne a chance to win 5 Premier League titles, 2 Football League Cups, 3 FA Community Shields, the UEFA Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup. That should mean something to any ambitious person. And we do believe Rooney is one of them. Moreover, his replica jersey is the best seller in Premier League.

There are too many reasons not to leave his club. And too many other news to write and talk about!

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Author: Leon Smolski

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24 July 2013, 11:50

You forgot about personal relations between the new manager and Rooney which are no amicable at all.

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