20 July, 2012 - 08:45

Arsenal will be a contender for the title Wenger claims

Arsenal will be a contender for the title Wenger claims

Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal can claim the Premier League title without spending as much as Chelsea of Manchester City did.

In the interview for Time Out Hong Kong the manager said when he came to England the problem of splashing cash by big team did not exist as they were run within their resources. He insisted Arsenal would be wise and intelligent about financial aspect of the game, spending on top-level players as much as it was necessary.

Wenger stated the fans should be proud how the club’s financial situation was controlled, mentioning the current team and the new stadium were built in a short period.

The French coach stated the Financial Fair Play if introduced could impact positively the Premier League making the tournament more exciting. The rule that allows the club to spend only as much as it earned would be a huge advantage Wenger repeated and the Gunners were ready for that regulation. The coach emphasized a business should be run properly and the team’s books should be balanced, adding the only logical principle for a club was only to spend the money it made.

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