31 October, 2012 - 12:27

On Arsene Wenger and his ways to achieve greatness

On Arsene Wenger and his ways to achieve greatness

Watching Arsenal epic (pardon for a banal word, but it is appropriate here) comeback on Tuesday it has become clear that Wenger’s main aspiration, the only thought that is occupying his mind when he stands at the sideline with a grim expression on his face has little to do with coaching. Arsenal has long ago embarked on a never stopping circle of hope-frustration-despair-confidence-relief, the story that usually ends with the fourth or (if the heaven is so kind) the third place that would be marked by BBC pundits and masochistic fans as a “decent result”. This plot is as entertaining as all the action films starring Bruce Willis: you are gripped as you watch the first one as a child; the third one seems the most tedious thing you ever sit through.

Presumably Arsene has had enough of this, and is simply bored with improving and developing this team each season. It seems the Frenchman has simply set his mind on ticking all the boxes in his imaginary list of “things-one-of-the-greatest-managers-should-do”. Let us face it: Wenger would never go down in Arsenal’s history as a title-winning coach unless he claims 3 consecutive Champions League Cups and brings Van Persie back with him apologizing for his dreadful behavior. I also doubt that all Arsenal fans unanimously sing hymns to the tactician as under his helm some seasons could have been better, to say the least.

But if Wenger produces enough wonders, if he amuses the public to such an extent that humiliation and losing are forgotten, then he will go down in history as the great one. And we all remember Arsene’s mighty deeds: he brought a mediocre team to the top, transformed the face of the modern football, introducing revolutionary coaching methods and techniques, built the squad that managed to go through a season unbeaten. The list is a long one, though some things were missing: Wenger could not brag about an incredible comeback no one believed in apart from him.

Now you can tick that box, Arsene.

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2 November 2012, 14:39

Sell Walcott too and all you'll have is a decent back line, Arsene!

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