20 November, 2012 - 08:14

Beckham bids farewell to Galaxy after MLS Cup final

Beckham bids farewell to Galaxy after MLS Cup final

Football veteran David Beckham will leave LA Galaxy after MLS Cup final next month. It will be a showdown for the Galaxy as they meet their last year’s opponent Houston Dynamo on December 1 to challenge for the second consecutive MLS title.

‘I’ve had a wondrous five-year tenure with the Galaxy and I’m extremely grateful to the club. But nevertheless, I feel like I should experience one last challenge somewhere else before hanging up the boots,’ said Beckham in a statement.

The former England captain is now given a selection headache as he is to choose another and the last destination in his career after the final MLS mission. Last year he sparked much interest in French Paris Saint-Germain, but it should be remembered that the 37-year-old has been plagued by injuries recently and seems to be of little attraction for top European clubs.

It is no doubt that Beckham established himself as a cult football hero and still can add a zest and imagination to some side. The Football Federation of Australia expressed its interest in player’s services last week, offering him to join the Italian idol Alessandro Del Piero in A-League. Some prominent Chinese clubs set their sights on Beckham either. But a stalwart of the English football, David Beckham finds it more luring to return to England and to drop the final curtain in his motherland. He has either joining a team struggling for promotion to the Premier League or a team trying to avoid relegation from the top tier as two possible options there.

At the same time, Beckham is not intended to burn all the bridges with the American league as he thinks about the part-ownership of MLS team in future.

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Author: Kate Kozz

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