27 March, 2020 - 17:08

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The current season is far from being the best for Milan. The team once again “hangs loose” in the middle of the tournament table instead of fighting for a place in the Champions League zone. You can bet online with 1xBet bookmaker, it will give you a good opportunity to convert your knowledge about this sport into real profit.

The Rossero-Neri have initiated a large-scale ‘cleaning’ already during the current season. Thus, in winter, several performers at once left the team, who have recently disappointed the fans. Among them are Pentec, Rodriguez and many others. Among the new acquisitions, let us first single out Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The legendary Swede returned to San Siro 7.5 years after he left and has already managed to score some important points.


Thanks to the online bets with 1xBet bookmaker, you can predict whether he will help Milan return to the European competition zone. They can’t even dream about the Champions League, though, since the competitors have gone too far. But it is quite realistic to compete for a place in the Europa League zone, given the density in the standings.
Even despite the fact that after two-thirds of the distance the team goes only in the middle of the standings, there is still the opportunity to change the situation. You can also watch sport online live to make predictions even more accurate. Now it is quite real.

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However, in spite of the fact that the season is still not the best for the club, there is an opportunity to take a qualitative step forward. The main condition for this is to stop losing points in matches with weaker teams. It is due to the fact that Milan lacks stability, the team is still in the middle of the tournament table.

Thanks to the best football bets with 1xBet, you can predict its results and get a generous reward for it. As for the potential trump cards of Milan, they include:

1. Stronger lineup than that of the direct competitors.
2. Experience of the main layers of the club.
3. Instability of a number of other teams.

All this together makes the chances of the Rosseri to get into the Europa League zone for the next season not so bad. However, for this it will be necessary for them to do their best. Otherwise, the competitors will simply not allow Milan to gain points consistently.
Now, the best football bets with 1xBet provide a great opportunity to make predictions for any match and make money on them. Given the level of the offered coefficients, a generous reward will not take long.

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