1 August, 2012 - 12:55

Bradley Friedel is unsure about his future

Bradley Friedel is unsure about his future

A 41-year-old American soccer player Bradley Friedel, who is currently a Tottenham’s goalkeeper, is unsure about his future in the upcoming season.

In 1997 Friedel transferred to Liverpool from the Columbus Crew of MLS. During fifteen years he has played for Blackburn Rovers and Aston Villa.

After the expiration of the contract with Aston Villa he moved to Tottenham, where he currently plays.

Friedel said that he would make a decision on his future, if he couldn’t play at the highest level, then he didn’t want to play. So he isn’t sure about his future.

Friedel’s contract with Tottenham expires in a year and he let us know that at his age it’s not an easy task to consider and after playing for such famous clubs in the Premier League he suppressed any negotiations with MLS even though MSL is getting bigger and more prestigious.

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