18 January, 2013 - 08:21

Carlo Ancelotti: “French title depends on me”

 Carlo Ancelotti: “French title depends on me”

Paris Saint-Germain boss wants to clinch the French title at any cost

The Italian tactician Carlo Ancelotti insisted that the domestic championship is a top priority for PSG, underlining:” “We should be champions. We obviously have the qualities to claim it. It all depends on the manager. If the coach does his job, then PSG is going to celebrate victory.”

Ancelotti also claimed that any other place except for the top one will be considered a failure, yet added that successful European campaign is still a challenge, explaining that “the Champions League is much harder.”

The manager also made comments on possible move of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo to his side.

Can Zlatan and Ronaldo play together? All top quality footballers can play together. It is not hard to coach a guy like Ibrahimovic. Ronaldo is a superb player, but today, I do not consider him,”

– said Ancelotti.

The Italian tactician expressed his confidence that the Parisian side does not need to sign new players. “Nenê and Hoarau are gone; they won’t be replaced because the team is very good. We don’t need to buy. The transfer window is closed for us,” the head coach claimed.

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18 January 2013, 14:01

Does that mean you step down if you don't win the title?

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