24 January, 2013 - 03:43

Chelsea Hazard apologized to the ball boy for kicking him

Chelsea Hazard apologized to the ball boy for kicking him

Eden Hazard escaped potential threat of police charges after apologizing to the ball boy for kicking him during the Chelsea League Cup semi-final goalless draw with Swansea at the Stamford Bridge.

The incident came 12 minutes from time as the 17-year-old ball boy Charlie Morgan attempted to prevent the Chelsea player from retrieving the ball by putting the whole body on the ball. Eden Hazard kicked the boy in the ribs and was shown the red card by the referee Chris Foy.

Hazard faces three match ban for seeing the red card which most likely will be extended by the FA. The 22-year-old Belgium international has apologized to the boy in the dressing room. “I apologise. The ball boy came in the changing room and we had a quick chat and I apologised and the boy apologised as well, and it is over. Sorry,” said Hazard.

Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez said: “They have apologised to each other,” Chelsea’s interim manager Rafael Benitez said. “They knew they were both wrong. He (the ball boy) was wasting time. Hazard wanted to get the ball back quickly and he was kicking. They both made mistakes”.

The Spaniard refused to reveal whether he would fine the player, claiming that the club will “deal the incident internally”.





Photo: dailymail.co.uk, sportsmole.co.uk

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Author: Basil Naumov

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27 January 2013, 15:22

I vor Hazard!!!

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