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Chile vs. Uruguay: Copa America 2019 prediction and best tips

The match of the 3rd round of the group stage of the America’s Cup will begin at 02:00 (June 25, 2019) at the Maracana Stadium. Match review, recaps and bookmaker odds — in this article.



The Chilean national team after the first two rounds scored one hundred percent result and with 6 points heads the standings of their group. The difference between goals scored and goals is 6:1. Manchester United strikers Alexis Sanchez and Tigres Eduardo Vargas scored twice in the team.

In the starting match,The Red Army played against the national team of Japan and scored a major victory with a score of 4:0. Defender Eric Antonio Pulgar (Bologna) opened the account. Then distinguished Sanchez and Vargas (double).

In the second round, the wards of Reinaldo Rueda opposed the national team of Ecuador. The match turned out for the current owners of the trophy is very difficult. Ecuadorians practically did not yield to anything and also often attacked the gates of Chileans. It all started with a quick goal to the gates of Ecuador already in the 8th minute. Distinguished midfielder Jose Fuensalida (Universidad Catholic Santiago). However, the teams left for the break with the score 1:1. At the 26th minute, Ecuadorians earned the right to a penalty and clearly implemented it. At the beginning of the second half, thanks to a goal by Sanchez, the final score of the match was established. The assistant was midfielder Aranguis (Bayer).


The Uruguayan team comes in second in the final round with 4 points and the difference is scored and missed in 6:2. In order to accurately ensure their access to the playoffs, the Uruguay national team must simply not lose in this match.

Uruguayans also started with a major victory 4:0. The team of Ecuador acted as a rival. At the 6th minute, midfielder Nicholas Lodeyro (Seattle Sounders) opened the scoring. Then in the 24th minute, the opponent remained in the minority. And at the break the team went with the score 3-0 in favor of the Uruguay national team. Distinguished forwards Edinson Cavani (PSG) and Luis Suarez (Barcelona). After the break, the Uruguayan team has attacked less often, but nevertheless, in one of the attacks, the defender of the Ecuador national team cut the ball into his own net.

In the second round, the Uruguay national team confronted the Japanese national team. Here, despite the serious advantage, The Sky-blue could not justify the status of the favorites. The match ended in a draw 2:2. Moreover, the Uruguayans campaign had to catch up with the match twice. Asians opened the account in the 25th minute. Some time later, a penalty kick was awarded at their gate and Suárez was not mistaken. At the beginning of the second half, the Japanese came forward again. But after a few minutes, defender José Maria Jimenez (Atletico) regained his balance. The rest of the match took place in the attacks of the Uruguayans, but the Japanese defended firmly and went from defeat.

Chile - Uruguay: head-to-head stats

None of the last five full-time matches between these rivals ended in a draw. Uruguayans won twice with three victories against the national team of Chile. The last time the rivals met each other as part of the qualification for the 2018 World Cup. Then in 2016, Chileans in their field won with a score of 3:1.

Odds of bookmakers for match Chile - Uruguay

In this confrontation, bookmakers prefer the national team of Uruguay. Thus, the success of the wards of Oscar Tabares can be put for 2.07, while the victory of the current owners of the America’s Cup is estimated at 3.75. The peaceful outcome is given for 3.30. With regard to the impact of the fight at the Maracana stadium, the experts are a little inclined to the “base” option, giving a total of less than 2.5 keff 1.72. Total more than 2.5 is offered for 2.12.

Match Prediction and Bet

In this match, in fact, the opponents do not need anything, since the teams already probably go to the playoffs. The only thing that can motivate them is leadership in the group. This is especially necessary for Uruguayans, who will certainly want to take revenge for the defeat in the 2016 match. I expect an open game and the exchange of goals.

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