14 December, 2012 - 14:44

Costly Michael Owen has the highest salary in the Premier League

Costly Michael Owen has the highest salary in the Premier League

The former Liverpool and Man United player, who is 33 today, earns £25,000 a week. As it was reported Yaya Toure earns £220,000 per week in Manchester City and he has been considered the best-paid Premier League footballer. That turned out not to be the highest salary after Owen’s earnings had been calculated.

Stoke City signed him on a year deal on 4 September 2012 but suffered a hamstring injury, so by the moment he has featured on the pitch only 53 minutes, being paid £7,000 for a minute. Moreover his expensive touch of the ball costs £13,500 and a goal is £362,500. He is about to appear in the match against Everton this Saturday after 14-week absence.

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17 December 2012, 13:16

Insane... just insane.. if you think about.. can u imagine a, let's say, carpenter, polishing wood day and night to produce just two chair a year, or a doctor prescribing just one pill a year? Still being on a payroll. Why?

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