23 July, 2012 - 13:53

De Gea believes he learnt how to cope with life in Manchester

De Gea believes he learnt how to cope with life in Manchester

Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea described the challenges he faced in United last season.

De Gea said that his English was getting better and he started understanding most things yet speaking for him was more difficult. The goalkeeper also claimed that English football was different, being more aggressive and more physical. He explained that ’English football is far, far harder. The ball is in the air more and you get pushed about. And the referees don’t blow anything!’

The player was told by the coach to improve physically and his plan was: ‘Eat well and do lots of gym work. We’re not talking about a huge amount anyway: just four or five kilos.’

The club also suggested the keeper to undergo an eye operation as De Gea was short-sighted, but he refused and continued to wear contact lenses, claiming he could see in them perfectly well.

The goalkeeper told the press that he had faith in himself and despite pressure and mistakes he made, he did not get nervous. He added that: ‘when you play, when you go on to the pitch, when you hear that atmosphere, when you play the game, that small sadness gets washed away. And then you’re happy.’

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