17 August, 2012 - 12:52

Di María: ‘We get better with each season’

Di María: ‘We get better with each season’

One of the most important players in Real Madrid squad Angel Di María penned a six-year extension with the club.

After signing a new contract with the club the midfielder claimed he felt ‘over the moon’. Di María was satisfied with the trust of the club and the manager, admitting that: ‘I know that I will play for Madrid until I’m 29 or 30 and it is a weight off my shoulders.’

The Argentine international said he would like to finish his career in Madrid, and there he is relaxed and confident. Di Maria also noted he can improve as he has strength to do so, claiming: ‘I’ve developed as a player with Mourinho in every aspect. I’m much better tactically and have strong confidence in what I do on the field. The coach has transmitted confidence to me from the first day which has been really significant.’

The player also was optimistic about the team and in his words the pre-season was incredible and the side ‘has the capability to claim more titles. We improve with each season and I hope this season we’ll go a step further.’

He underlined his personal goal for the season is to win the Champions League and receive Ballon d’Or. ‘Things are getting better and better for me, I reckon this trend continues’ revealed Di Maria.

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17 August 2012, 12:56

That’s unbelievable!

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17 August 2012, 12:56

He is a stable player, not the best one in Europe

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17 August 2012, 14:39

Players are doing loads of 'taka-taka' to show off and book their place in the main squad. Of course he wants to end his career in Madrid, but really, guys, who wouldn't???

Who's the man's picture
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