23 October, 2012 - 08:33

Direct speech: David Trezeguet

Direct speech: David Trezeguet

On River Plate fans

I have so much affection for the River fans and I believe it’s mutual. The supporters quickly understood that I arrived here with the hope to play football.

On Juventus

Ten-year spell in Juventus was the best thing that happened to me as it was where I discovered real football, at a very ambitious club with very ambitious players.

On Thierry Henry

I’ve got a very close friendship with Henry, he helped me so much at the moment I came to Monaco. He’d take me out to different places, keep me company and he helped me find out so many things and learn a lot. He’s someone who actually helped me evolve, not only in footballing terms but socially and culturally as well.

On France national side in 1998

Over here in South America most people tend to remember Zidane, because he was the key player in technical terms, yet there were other players who were even more significant to us out on the pitch and were the glue which kept the team together.

On penalties

Every penalty, however good you know a goalkeeper, is a one-off duel. The proof of that is the fact that Buffon knew me well, even so he went the wrong corner. Despite the fact we’d been playing in the same side for six years he chose the other corner, but the ball came back off the bar. Every penalty has its own story and the fact he was a club-mate made no difference.

On South American and European football

European clubs have always shied away from South American football. They struggle to get to grips with the style. The South American game is about keeping possession, it is more technical and European football is more physical, dynamic and direct.

On plans to retire

There are footballers who’ve woken up one day and felt they lost their enthusiasm for training and even for playing. Should it come to that I’ll step aside, but for tnow I’m still really enjoying my job.

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23 October 2012, 15:39

Classy man, worked hard for Juve and France!

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