22 August, 2012 - 14:54

Emmanuel Adebayor: ‘Tottenham here I come! I'm hungry for goals. Get ready.’

Emmanuel Adebayor: ‘Tottenham here I come! I'm hungry for goals. Get ready.’

The Togo forward terminated his deal with Manchester City and signed a contract with the London club for the weekly salary of £175,000.

The forward claimed he was pleased to join Tottenham on a permanent basis after finally settling his departure from Manchester City. The player added that he enjoyed the time he spent in the capital club last season and expressed hos hope to achieve more in the side.

Later Adebayor wrote on his Twitter page: ‘Tottenham here I come! I’m hungry for goals. Get ready.’

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22 August 2012, 23:10

This guy can be a real trouble, but £175,000 a week? AVB gone mad.

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23 August 2012, 07:26

They play for trophies and glory in Barcelona, they play for money in England. Alex Song signed for like 70 grand a week, Mascherano said his wages in Barcelona are twice as low as in Liverpool but he feels much better.

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