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Is Everton's Onana Destined for a Top-Six Move Sooner Rather than Later?

Meta: Everton’s defensive midfielder Amadou Onana has had a fantastic season so far. Is he destined for a top-six move soon? Find out right here.


Amadou Onana, who currently plays for English Premier League side Everton, is a beast when it comes to tackling his opponents, and the 21-year-old is already being hailed by many as one of the most promising young prospects in European professional football.
The question being asked here is, is Everton’s Onana destined for a top-six move sooner rather than later? Find out more right here.

Who is Amadou Onana?

Amadou Ba Zeund Georges Mvom Onana, more commonly known as Amadou Onana, is a 21-year-old men’s professional footballer who was born in Dakar, Senegal, in August 2001. He moved to Belgium at a young age, and the Belgian defensive midfielder is also of Cameroonian and Senegalese descent.

At a domestic level, he has played senior football for 1899 Hoffenheim (making only one appearance in 2019-2020), Hamburger SV (25 appearances between 2020-2021), and Lille (32 appearances between 2021-2022).

When did he join Everton?

He signed for Premier League side Everton in August 2022 for a reported fee of £33 million, which should keep him at the club for five years, and since playing for the Merseyside club, he has scored 1 goal in 21 appearances.

However, he’s not at Everton to score goals. He is there to help stop goals from being scored against them. He is doing such a fantastic job that some of the bigger clubs are closely following his impressive abilities on the pitch.

Amadou was one of eight new signings Everton made in last year’s summer transfer window. He was recently forced off with a minor knee injury in the second half, but he has assured fans that he will be back soon.

Can Amadou help Everton avoid relegation?

Yes! Amadou Onana is a key player who can help Everton avoid getting relegated from the Premier League to the Championship. New manager Sean Dyche (who came from Burnley and replaced Frank Lampard) will also be keen to get him back in the starting 11 as soon as possible.

What are the chances of Everton getting relegated?

It’s actually looking more likely that Everton will avoid relegation, especially since their two recent big wins. If they continue suffering from ‘new manager syndrome,’ they could win even more of their upcoming games and climb further up the table into safety.
On February 4th, they beat league leaders Arsenal at Goodison Park (Everton’s home ground), and then on February 18th, they beat Leeds United in another home game.

To better understand how likely Everton will avoid the drop, the best thing to do would be to compare the ‘teams to be relegated’ odds from some of today’s most trusted online sports betting sites.

A closer look at the latest odds

For example, right now, the average odds for Everton to get relegated are 8/5 in UK fractional odds, which means there’s still a 38.50% chance of them going down. In American/moneyline odds, 8/5 is the same as saying 160, and in European decimal odds, it’s 2.60.

In other words, Everton aren’t safe yet and still have a lot of work to do.

As it stands, the three teams that are most likely to go down at the end of the current 2022/23 season are Bournemouth (currently priced at 2/5, which is -250, or 1.4, with a 71.40% chance of going down), Southampton (who are priced the same as Bournemouth), and Leeds United (currently priced at 5/5, which is 2.25 or 125, with a 44.4% chance of getting relegated).

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