27 July, 2012 - 12:26

Fabio Capello was officially presented as Russia manager

Fabio Capello was officially presented as Russia manager

At the press conference in Moscow Capello said he was happy to receive a new post.

The coach claimed that if the English team had been headed to the Euro under his helm, the result would have been better. He underlined that only John Terry’s story influenced his decision to leave, as according to the contract only the head coach could decide whom to appoint as a captain while the FA was imposing its will on him.

At the press conference Capello told the press he was ‘pissed off’ by the way he had to leave England, explaining that he could not tell everything on the matter as it was still forbidden by the contract.

The Italian tactician said he felt unfinished with his national team’s career and that was why he had ambitions to continue. Capello added that his first goal was to qualify for the World Cup in Brazil.

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