15 November, 2012 - 07:29

Fans buy Oviedo shares to save the club from collapse

Fans buy Oviedo shares to save the club from collapse

Real Oviedo, the Spanish club with rich traditions and unique history (38 seasons in La Liga) is on the edge of bankruptcy. The club offered the supporters from all over the world to buy its shares. According to the text of the appeal published on the official Real Oviedo site, if the club fails to raise 1,905,000 Euros by the 17th of November “board will be obliged to call an AGM to dissolve the club.”

Any person concerned with the fate of the club can become Real Oviedo’s shareholder for only 10.75 Euro (price per share). The certificates featuring the name of the shareholder and the number of the shares he owns will be sent via mail in December.

Thanks to the British journalists (and Sid Lowe in particular) who distributed the information about the cash-strapped club, both the fans and players eagerly invested in Oviedo. Fans of various clubs all over Europe bought shares to pay the homage to the club which has brought up Juan Mata, Santi Cazorla, Michu, Adrian. It goes without saying that the apprentices of Oviedo’s cantera and the former players also contributed as much as they can to save the club.

And yet these efforts were probably not enough. With three days left until the end of the campaign, the club has so far accumulated around 70 per cent (1.3 million Euro) of the required amount. In such a way Oviedo needs to raise another 600 thousand Euros.

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Author: HolaMexico

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15 November 2012, 08:00

Can u imagine this, you can actually buy the whole club with history for say 1/50 of Cristiano Ronaldo or.. to stay on the ground for about 1/7 of Fabio Borini from Liverpool. That's insane.

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