12 July, 2012 - 13:12

Former FIFA president received bribes

Former FIFA president received bribes

The marketing company ISL allegedly gave huge bribes to the former FIFA president João Havelange and an executive committee member Ricardo Teixeira.

The documents of Swiss prosecutors published this week underline that both FIFA officials were given money for providing ISL with TV rights. Havelange and Teixera were under investigation two years ago yet that time they were blamed for ‘disloyal management’ and just paid a fee of £27m.

Now the prosecutor’s papers reveal the link between the former president and the ISL as Havelange received more than £24m in the course of eight years. It is also stated that the tradition of giving bribes within FIFA is common and widespread.

FIFA claims the investigation is part of its new strategy aimed to reform and open the organization to the public.

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