24 January, 2013 - 10:37

Gold diggers

Gold diggers

The Royal club has set a new record of revenue per season

Real Madrid has not enjoyed much European success lately with the Champions League title slipping away from the Spanish giants for a decade, yet the Whites may boast about the highest revenue they receive for the eight consecutive seasons. The side is leading the pool of the richest European clubs with staggering 500 million euro earned last year that set the record for the highest income of a football club according to the report of the financial firm Deloitte. The Capital side account books registered 7 percent rise comparing to the season 2010/2011. Despite economic slump in Spain the second biggest club in the world is Barca with 483 million euros cash in the pocket.

According to the report the third-placed Manchester United saw their income drop by 3 percent which was largely caused by the unsuccessful run in the Champions League as the Red Devils did not manage to qualify from the group.

The groups of top six clubs include Bayern Munich (368.4 million euros), Chelsea (261 million euros) and Arsenal (234.9 million euros).
The revenue numbers indicate that European football elite is doing just fine demonstrating 10 per cent growth unseen by many stable companies from other spheres. Economists explain the trend by a huge worldwide fan base, high TV payments and clever management.

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