27 February, 2013 - 11:06

Here is an amazing present for all users! Stunning wallpapers!

Here is an amazing present for all users! Stunning wallpapers!

Naked girls, football and parking – wallpapers from FootballTop.com.

International Football Rating FootballTop.com makes a present for all football supporters and shows an exclusive project ‘Football without shirts’. Five sexy and beautiful girls. Twelve stylish posters. The brightest moments of the world’s biggest game. Football has no borders, no age or ranks. The game that unites generations and nations in FootballTop project gets beyond the field. The action runs on the parking in urban surroundings.

Some of the finest artists and photographers found themselves involved in ‘Football without shirts’ project. Andrey Osipov, Russia body art champion was among them. The models turned into football players by …taking off their shirts. It took around six hours a day to paint them. While the artist applied the paint the girls were instructed by professional sportsmen. In the end they were able to replicate the best football emotions: Passion, exultation, pride, inspiration, dynamics.

And we hit it! We showed that football can unite people regardless of the sex, age and outlook. Football always comes along with the power, drive and faith in victory!


Photographer – Pavel Potashnikov, designer – Anastasia Fursova

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11 March 2013, 07:17

A little cheesy, but still hot!

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