30 July, 2012 - 15:40

Ibrahimovic believes PSG is stronger than Milan

Ibrahimovic believes PSG is stronger than Milan

The international superstar scores in the debut fixture and says PSG is more powerful than his former team

Ibrahimovic responded ‘Yes’ to the question whether PSG was better that Milan, explaining that the Italian side lost two best players. The striker hinted on his and Thiago Silva’s transfer a few weeks ago, when the French side paid around 62 million euros for the pair.

Ibrahimovic netted the ball in his first game for PSG in the third minute. After the match the Swedish forward stated that his team aimed at winning everything in the upcoming season, adding that they are a top team right now, but they also should become a winning one.

PSG manager Carlo Ancelotti was less open about his targets for the season, saying: ’I don’t know. It’s not important to compare ourselves to any other team. The objective is to improve the quality of our team.’

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