10 October, 2012 - 15:11

Luis Suarez faces harsh criticism for diving

Luis Suarez faces harsh criticism for diving

Liverpool forward Luis Suarez has caused huge controversy and uproar in the British media, as his performance on the pitch is usually spiced with diving, when the forward goes down on the pitch literally whenever he feels like doing so.

The incidents like this reveal a serious problem of simulation in football and it puts enormous pressure on the referees and irritates football supporters. But apart from the public urging the FA to ban the player for three games, recently even FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce claimed Suarez was “cheating” and added the problem of diving in modern football is becoming “a cancer within the game”. The FIFA representative underlined situations like this should be retrospectively punished by disciplinary committees.

Despite being labeled “cheater” in the press, the player himself rejects any convictions, stating the criticism does not affect him. The forward claims: ‘’I will continue to play football and to concern myself with my team and with what I do — and nothing more.”

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers defended the player, saying: “The vilification of Luis is both wrong and unfair.”
So far the English Football Association did not take any actions against Suarez.

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