30 July, 2012 - 09:55

Malaga is up for sale

Malaga is up for sale

Reports on possible sale of Malaga owned by one of the members of the Qatar royal family Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nassar Al-Thani appeared on Sunday. Although the negotiations with potential buyers have already started, Malaga coach Manuel Pellegrini insists the team ‘are focused on the sporting side of things’, yet he adds the huge amount of rumors has influenced the squad physiologically.

The Chilean manager claims all the players are calm as they had been working well, adding he will make any further comments when the team returns back to Spain from the tour.

Malaga was purchased by Al-Thani for 36 million euros in 2010, investing in the team huge anount of money and helping the team to finish 4th in the League. Al-Thani faced financial problems recently and the club cut short its spending and hampering preparation for the season.

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