14 November, 2012 - 07:26

Mark Clattenburg accused of racist language: no victim - no investigation

Mark Clattenburg accused of racist language: no victim - no investigation

Will Chelsea drop the allegations or will they claim of racism towards John Obi Mikel?

The police drop the investigation because of lack of evidence was brought by Chelsea. Two weeks have passed since 28 October, Premier League match at Stamford Bridge between Manchester United and Chelsea, when Clattenburg was accused of using inappropriate and racist language. Chelsea players John Obi Mikel and Juan Mata made inquiries. Though the Blues decided not accuse the referee of using racist language against Juan Mata.

Since then ‘no victims had come forward’ and ‘no evidence that any offense has been committed’ so the police have dropped an investigation. Nevertheless Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck said that the players were sure of what they had heard.

Recently Clattenburg recently returned to training for the first time since the incident but he won’t be in charge of matches until the case goes on.

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14 November 2012, 08:32

Chelsea players are chatterboxes, just willing to be insulted and making up stories about racist language.

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14 November 2012, 14:40

Chelsea claim was pathetic.. Mere lack of respect to federation, to referees and to football in general

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14 November 2012, 15:11

Chelsea loser! CSKA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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