18 October, 2012 - 09:58

Messi craze

Messi craze

Though we sound corny every time we call him an icon or a legend, Lionel Messi is still a kind of perverted addiction for any football supporter: you know you should stop watching again and again the trick he made or that brilliant goal he scored, but your conscious and your will and God knows what else are hypnotized by his movement and grace. Messi is the sign many fans have been waiting for as far as Ronaldinho and Figo and Rivaldo were superb (do not get me wrong here), but not the ones to send our prayers to, you know.

We still do not profess messianity, yet fans are desperate to get the blessing from the football messiah. Or at least a photo with him. In the halftime of the World Cup qualifier between Argentina and Chile the assistant referee Nicolas Yegros asked Lionel for a photo with him; Messi rather amazed agreed. In the second half the referee did not notice three offsides Messi got in. Joke, though a predictable one.

We can understand the desire of the referee to get a souvenir in the last official match in his career, as he reveled that was, what we do not get whether the football authority was still impartial during the game. Was he even doing his job or just stand at the sideline, quietly admiring his idol? We do not understand Messi mania, but who does?

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18 October 2012, 12:21

I like Leo's expression on the image )) It's like it's the first time he's seeing an I-Pad :))
I can totally understand the ref, why wouldn't take a shot with the best ever one day to your retirement?? Haha

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