17 January, 2013 - 11:59

Pep’s move to Bayern - latest comments

Pep’s move to Bayern - latest comments

Football world is surprised by the announcement that Pep Guardiola takes charge of Bayern.
The latest reaction and comments on the news:

Frank de Boer(Ajax manager)

“Bundesliga is a very interesting championship and without any doubt on the up. Perhaps it is passing La Liga, and it has already passed the Italian Serie A. I believe with the attendance they get, it is up with the Premier League. The atmosphere in the stadiums is better in England, but in Germany it is very similar. Of course he had brilliant players at Barcelona but he showed us the ‘hand of Guardiola”. I guess he will do the same thing at Bayern.”

Dietmar Hamann (ex-Bayern midfielder)

“Bayern Munich is one of the top clubs in the world, one of the best. If he’d selected Chelsea he would get more time but Bayern have reached two Champions League finals in the last few seasons and he must feel he has a great chance to claim the Champions League with them - they’re right up with the top clubs in Europe.”

Owen Hargreaves (former Bayern, Manchester United and Manchester City player)

“I reckon it’s a very smart move. Fans tend to look at the glamour of the English Premier League and its global appeal yet he perhaps saw the structure in place at Bayern, its achievements and quality of footballers. The facilities and stadiums are probably better than anywhere in the world, and he thought that was the best destination for him.”

Bernd Schuster (former Getafe and Real Madrid manager)

“It’s good news for Germany. One thing that could be not that easy for Guardiola is working with the officials above him. I’m speaking about Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who is Vice-President, Matthias Sammer, Sporting Director and Uli Hoeness, Club President. It will be vert difficult to deal with all of them, as they have their own views.”

Chris Wright (football blogger)

“My Initial reaction was strange; Bayern Munich are one of richest and most prestigious clubs in the whole world and yet somehow I feel like Pep has taken a second tier job meaning he could have cherry-picked his next employers – though probably that’s just my repressed Anglocentric world view ticking over in the back of my conscious.”

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18 January 2013, 14:02

Good choice, Pep! Little chance of a flop in Germany, nobody will find out you are not that good

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