16 November, 2012 - 07:09

René Adler revealed suicidal thoughts

René Adler revealed suicidal thoughts

Hamburg keeper René Adler admitted that recently he suffered from severe depression and dealt with suicidal thoughts. Adler said he feared to follow Robert Enke’s path who committed suicide in 2009. René revealed that they were very close friends and shared similar personality traits. Both of them were sensitive and hated the pressure from the fans and the media.

Hamburg player said “I suffered from many injuries and I had too much pressure on me. Whenever I played I never felt fully comfortable and it affected my head.” The keeper has lost his place in the Bayer Leverkusen in starting eleven due to the serious injury. He was left out of the Germany squad for UEFA EURO 2012, which made him even think about retirement from the national team.

At that same time he had to watch from the stands his former club Leverkusen playing Chelsea and Barcelona in the Champions League. Adler revealed that he thought he might be going to make away with himself in that period. “My life used to be very focused on football. I have noticed that this is not good, and even counterproductive for me. I have learned to separate work and pleasure, which has been beneficial.”

It is to be recalled that 32 year-old Robert Enke committed suicide in 2009 after the severe depression due to the death of his daughter in 2006.

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16 November 2012, 07:20

What's going on to those Germans, for God's sake? Go work to some factory and you'll see what depression is!

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1 August 2015, 13:13

Who's the man wrote:

What's going on to those Germans, for God's sake? Go work to some factory and you'll see what depression is!

you dont understand

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