1 August, 2012 - 12:09

Roberto Mancini’s son moves to Valladolid

Roberto Mancini’s son moves to Valladolid

The 19-year-old claimed his options in City were limited.

The young player admitted that having Mancini last name did not make his life easier. He added that his father had already finished his career as a football player by the time he started his own one, underlying: ‘If I reached 40 per cent of the player he used to be I would be delighted.’

Andrea Mancini claimed that his dream was to play for Real one day, especially under the helm of Mourinho, as ‘he is a wonderful manager, he has a remarkable personality.’

Valladolid secured a place in the top Spanish division for the next season and the player assured he would train hard in order to appear in the senior team, emphasizing that: ’Valladolid have shown throughout their long history that they are the ideal club for young people. I would like to play for Real Valladolid in the first league. They told me I am starting a significant season and I should give 110 per cent in training.’

Andrea Mancini’s career includes a short spell in Oldham Athletic where he played on loan. Most of the previous season Mancini spent in Manchester City, although did not stand a chance to appear in the starting 11.

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