Latest football news FootballTop en 5 Soccer Betting Tips You Can Use for the Champions League <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/fotball1.png" width="620" height="476" alt="fotball1.png" /></p> <p>Soccer, also known as football, is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world. It has billions of fans cheering for their favorite teams worldwide and unifies countries and people from different cultures. </p> <p>Aside from the exciting game, the sport is also prevalent for bettors. Hundreds of thousands take their pick every year, trying to win bets in every soccer game they watch, especially in big events like the <span class="caps">FIFA</span> World Cup and the upcoming Champion Leagues Games. </p> <p>Speaking of the Champion Leagues Games, the famous tournament will start this June and will be exciting. If you’re looking forward to watching the games and betting on them, you’re in the right place. This article will discuss tips you can use in the Champions League to win some pretty cash. Here are some of them.</p> <h3>Focus on the Form</h3> <p>When looking at the <a href="">champions league games</a>, you can focus on the form rather than the odds. Remember, the odds are created by the bookies, and while most of the time, they’re accurate, there are also times when they purposefully make the matchup even equalize the action on both sides. </p> <p>They do this to profit because they can’t do it when only one team gets all the action. Instead, it would help if you focused on the form since it shows you the stats and factors, giving you an insight into which is the better team.</p> <h3>Don’t Blindly Follow the Crowd</h3> <p>Straight up, there is no absolutely good reason to follow the majority most of the time for two reasons. The first is that most bettors lose money; second, the odds go down when most of the action is focused on one side. </p> <p>As mentioned, bookies do this to get some action on the other side for profit. But why does the public do this? Most bettors are casual bettors, which means they don’t really look for value and, instead, trust the lines too much. </p> <p>This means that most of the time, they blindly bet on the favorites simply because they’re the team with the most possibility of winning. However, research shows that it’s not always the case. So following the crowd is never really a good idea. All you’re getting for this move is following bettors who mostly lose and get poor odds in return. Not really a good move if you’re trying to profit from football betting.</p> <h3>Beware of Personal Bias</h3> <p>Most soccer fans have their favorite team, and we don’t blame you if you also have one. And since they’re our favorite team, we want them to do well all the time, and we bet on one of their matchups; there’s an inherent bias in all of us that makes us instinctively bet on them. However, personal bias is a huge problem, especially for beginners. Why? Because it prevents objective thinking.</p> <p>Remember, our objective in <a href="">soccer betting</a> is to win money, not to see our favorite teams win and bet on them. It’s the opposite of what you’re trying to do here. Always check the forms when it comes to your team’s matchups; if you think they’re bound to win, then bet for them. But when it so happens that it’s a losing matchup for them, although it’s hard, you have to bet against them. It might go against your loyalty; if you’re winning bets, it doesn’t matter.</p> <h3>Avoid Fixed Games</h3> <p>Let’s preface this by saying that soccer has no fixed games. Anyone telling you otherwise is into conspiracies too much or outright lying. However, as unfortunate as it is, some sites tell you that a certain matchup is fixed and that you should bet on them. </p> <p>This is a common scam. It works by telling you a matchup is fixed, then urging you to bet on their site, and if you win, you have to pay them back for telling you insider news. And by the way, teams found being involved in fixed matches will face disciplinary actions.</p> <h3>Know the Factors that Affect Games</h3> <p>There are a lot of other factors that can affect games other than the teams themselves. Outside factors like the weather, injuries, and even motivation can affect games significantly, which is why you should always be updated regarding matchups. Please do your research not only on the match itself but also on the outside perspective.</p> <h3>Final Words</h3> <p>Soccer is a very lucrative sport to bet on if you’re willing to do your research. Like any other form of sports betting, you need to be knowledgeable and precise when making your bets, which is why research is essential, and you can do that by following the tips above. With the Champions League a few months away, there’s no better time to learn new tips than now. With research and a little bit of luck, you too can win big in the Champions League.</p> </div></div></div> Wed, 22 Mar 2023 00:19:15 +0000 tom 650775 at Get a Winning Edge: Here's How to Place Wiser Soccer Bets <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/football2023.png" width="620" height="413" alt="football2023.png" /></p> <p>Soccer is no exception to the centuries-long tradition of sports betting. People have long placed bets on games and competition results in the sport, putting their money where their mouth is. And it’s now simpler than ever to get involved because of the growth of online gambling.</p> <p>But betting on soccer requires a certain level of knowledge and expertise, just like other forms of gambling. The more you know, the better your chances are of winning. Here are eight tips to place wiser bets:</p> <h3>Research the Teams</h3> <p>The first thing you should do before making a wager on a future soccer game is to study both teams. Check out their records and recent performances. Look into the roster to see who’s hot and who’s not. Pay attention to crucial injuries or suspensions, as these can drastically alter outcomes.</p> <p>Also, investigate the head-to-head results between the two teams. Doing your homework can pay off when it comes to soccer betting. It means you’ll have a better chance of predicting the right outcome.</p> <h3>Analyze the Odds</h3> <p>Another essential step in placing wiser <a href="">soccer bets</a> is to examine the odds closely. Most betting sites offer different lines for each game, so comparing them and finding the best value for your wagers is essential.</p> <p>It would be best to stay up-to-date with the odds, as they can change rapidly in the days leading up to a big match. It pays to be vigilant and always know what’s going on.</p> <h3>Utilize Advanced Stats</h3> <p>Advanced stats are becoming increasingly popular among soccer bettors, and it’s easy to understand why.</p> <p>Advanced soccer stats have become increasingly popular among bettors in recent years. These include analytics like expected goals, shot-based metrics, and the expected points total for a team. By analyzing these numbers, you can gain deeper insights into game outcomes, giving you an edge when placing bets.</p> <h3>Follow Professional Tipsters</h3> <p>If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of this information and don’t have time to research every soccer game, you can always follow the advice of professional tipsters.</p> <p>These are analysts who have studied the sport for years and know what to look for when it comes to making winning bets. While it’s still essential to research and draw conclusions, following a trusted tipster can give you more confidence when placing a wager.</p> <h3>Manage Your Bankroll</h3> <p>It doesn’t matter how much you know about soccer or the odds if you can’t properly <a href="" rel="nofollow">manage your bankroll</a>. It would be best to bet only what you can afford to lose; setting limits for yourself is essential.</p> <p>If your bankroll starts dwindling, take a step back and reassess your strategy. It might be time to reduce the size of your wagers or take a break from betting altogether. Protecting your capital is essential if you want to be successful in the long run.</p> <h3>Be Patient and Disciplined</h3> <p>When placing wiser bets, patience and discipline are essential. It would be best if you never placed a bet on impulse or tried to chase your losses. Instead, take your time and evaluate each wager on its own merits.</p> <p>Also, have a plan for when things don’t go your way. No matter how confident you are in your picks, losses will happen. But by remaining patient and disciplined, you can minimize their impact on your bottom line.</p> <h3>Avoid Vanity Bets</h3> <p>Vanity bets are those that you place solely because you want them to win rather than for any rational reason. These can range from wagering on your favorite team to betting on a long shot because it has a higher payout.</p> <p>These types of bets are rarely wise, as they often don’t make sense when you examine the numbers. Avoiding vanity bets will help you stay disciplined and focused as you place wiser bets.</p> <h3>Take Calculated Risks</h3> <p>Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks regarding soccer betting. While there is no guarantee that a particular wager will win, sometimes taking a chance can pay off in the long run. That said, never bet more than you can afford, and always ensure that your risk is sensible.</p> <p>Additionally, don’t be afraid to diversify your bets. Placing wagers on different teams, leagues, and markets can help spread the risk and increase your chances of profit in the long run.</p> <h3>Final Thoughts</h3> <p>Wise soccer betting is more than just looking at the odds. It’s about understanding the sport, staying up-to-date with the latest news and analytics, following professional tipsters, managing your bankroll, avoiding vanity bets, and taking calculated risks. </p> <p>If you can achieve those, you’ll be well on your way to placing wiser bets and <a href="" rel="nofollow">improving your odds of winning</a>. Although you don’t have to be an expert at the game, you do need to stay informed and up to date. </p> </div></div></div> Wed, 22 Mar 2023 00:09:32 +0000 Vic 650774 at Is Everton's Onana Destined for a Top-Six Move Sooner Rather than Later? <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p>Meta: Everton’s defensive midfielder Amadou Onana has had a fantastic season so far. Is he destined for a top-six move soon? Find out right here. </p> <p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/football-3568903_960_720.jpg" width="620" height="465" alt="football-3568903_960_720.jpg" /></p> <p>Amadou Onana, who currently plays for English Premier League side Everton, is a beast when it comes to tackling his opponents, and the 21-year-old is already being hailed by many as one of the most promising young prospects in European professional football.<br /> The question being asked here is, is Everton’s Onana destined for a top-six move sooner rather than later? Find out more right here. </p> <h3>Who is Amadou Onana?</h3> <p>Amadou Ba Zeund Georges Mvom Onana, more commonly known as Amadou Onana, is a 21-year-old men’s professional footballer who was born in Dakar, Senegal, in August 2001. He moved to Belgium at a young age, and the Belgian defensive midfielder is also of Cameroonian and Senegalese descent. </p> <p>At a domestic level, he has played senior football for 1899 Hoffenheim (making only one appearance in 2019-2020), Hamburger <span class="caps">SV</span> (25 appearances between 2020-2021), and Lille (32 appearances between 2021-2022). </p> <h3>When did he join Everton?</h3> <p>He signed for <a href="">Premier League</a> side Everton in August 2022 for a reported fee of £33 million, which should keep him at the club for five years, and since playing for the Merseyside club, he has scored 1 goal in 21 appearances. </p> <p>However, he’s not at Everton to score goals. He is there to help stop goals from being scored against them. He is doing such a fantastic job that some of the bigger clubs are closely following his impressive abilities on the pitch. </p> <p>Amadou was one of eight new signings Everton made in last year’s summer transfer window. He was recently forced off with a minor knee injury in the second half, but he has assured fans that he will be back soon. </p> <h3>Can Amadou help Everton avoid relegation?</h3> <p>Yes! <a href="" rel="nofollow">Amadou Onana</a> is a key player who can help Everton avoid getting relegated from the Premier League to the Championship. New manager Sean Dyche (who came from Burnley and replaced Frank Lampard) will also be keen to get him back in the starting 11 as soon as possible. </p> <h3>What are the chances of Everton getting relegated?</h3> <p>It’s actually looking more likely that Everton will avoid relegation, especially since their two recent big wins. If they continue suffering from ‘new manager syndrome,’ they could win even more of their upcoming games and climb further up the table into safety.<br /> On February 4th, they beat league leaders Arsenal at <a href="" rel="nofollow">Goodison Park</a> (Everton’s home ground), and then on February 18th, they beat Leeds United in another home game. </p> <p>To better understand how likely Everton will avoid the drop, the best thing to do would be to compare the ‘teams to be relegated’ odds from some of today’s most trusted online sports betting sites. </p> <h3>A closer look at the latest odds</h3> <p>For example, right now, the average odds for Everton to get relegated are 8/5 in <span class="caps">UK</span> fractional odds, which means there’s still a 38.50% chance of them going down. In American/moneyline odds, 8/5 is the same as saying 160, and in European decimal odds, it’s 2.60. </p> <p>In other words, Everton aren’t safe yet and still have a lot of work to do. </p> <p>As it stands, the three teams that are most likely to go down at the end of the current 2022/23 season are Bournemouth (currently priced at 2/5, which is -250, or 1.4, with a 71.40% chance of going down), Southampton (who are priced the same as Bournemouth), and Leeds United (currently priced at 5/5, which is 2.25 or 125, with a 44.4% chance of getting relegated). </p> </div></div></div> Wed, 01 Mar 2023 22:35:23 +0000 Peter 650763 at Will EA's Football Series Struggle Without the FIFA Name? <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p>Right now, it would appear that <span class="caps">EA</span> are choosing to drop the <span class="caps">FIFA</span> name for any games that they go on to create in the future, but at the end of the day, this could end up being a monumental mistake. If you look at the late 1990s or even the early 2000s, you will soon see that the sporting games have gone to very impressive lengths to try and make sure that they step up the games as much as possible, and a lot of this has been done through 3D graphics and impressive player models. </p> <p>Of course, you also have real-world physics. It would seem that the <a href="" rel="nofollow">world of sports</a> has changed forever, but at the end of the day, it looks like this could be the end of the road. <span class="caps">EA</span> Sports are choosing to change the series and they are now looking at a very different public reception too.</p> <p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/bez_zagolovka_3_0.png" width="620" height="412" alt="bez_zagolovka_3_0.png" /></p> <h3>The Gaming Industry</h3> <p>If you look at the <a href="">casino NetBet</a>, then you will see that they have a lot of sporting-themed games, but at the end of the day, these games are not dependent on the <span class="caps">FIFA</span> name so they are not going to lose out on fans. With <span class="caps">EA</span> Sports however, dropping the name could be disastrous. <span class="caps">EA</span> have worked to build the <span class="caps">FIFA</span> name from the ground up and they have helped to make it one of the most successful games on the market too. That being said, it looks like the company is choosing to let go of this branding.</p> <h3><span class="caps">EA</span> Could be Hurting Themselves</h3> <p>It is safe to say that <a href="" rel="nofollow"><span class="caps">EA</span></a> could really be hurting themselves if they drop this part of the name. The <span class="caps">FIFA</span> name debuted all the way back in 1993 and right now the series is well over 20 years old. In the last 30 years, the <span class="caps">EA</span> brand has worked to try and build the brand quite a lot and every entry to the series has helped to push the boundaries of the game more and more. By the year 2000, it is safe to say that <span class="caps">FIFA</span> were able to cement themselves as a leader in the world of soccer, and they have also become the go-to choice for the organisation. Right now, it would seem that they are a household name and that they are able to cause a monumental shift in the game.</p> <p>For over 30 years, <span class="caps">FIFA</span> and <span class="caps">EA</span> have benefitted each other but this partnership coming to an end could mean that there are bigger benefits to come. Sure, the move is risky, but at the end of the day, this is how new brands are able to come forth and cause even bigger waves. Who knows if this is going to be the case but right now it would seem that there are some big moves happening and <span class="caps">EA</span> could be in for a lot of chaos in the years to come. Fans should be keeping an eye on this story, as it could change the world of football gaming forever.</p> </div></div></div> Wed, 26 Oct 2022 18:00:57 +0000 V.Bolok 650669 at Will We Ever See Haaland at a World Cup? <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p>For one reason or another, Haaland has never had the opportunity to play in a World Cup. While Haaland himself is likely somewhat disappointed that this is the case, it is also a big upset for the fans too - it would be incredible to see Haaland dominating the World Cup for his home country. It is beginning to look as though he might not ever get the chance to make his international debut. </p> <p>In this article, we are going to be putting all of the evidence together to take a look at whether or not Haaland will ever get a chance to play for his nation in the World Cup, as well as going over a few of the reasons why he always seems to miss out. </p> <p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/football-ge96f99814_1920.jpg" width="620" height="413" alt="football-ge96f99814_1920.jpg" /></p> <h3>Trouble In Paradise</h3> <p>If you have been keeping up with the news recently, the chances that you would have come across headlines along the lines of “<a href="" rel="nofollow">Haaland banned from World Cup</a>” are incredibly high. As you would expect, these headlines are heavily exaggerated - but that’s not to say that there isn’t an element of truth behind them. </p> <p>Haaland has been in deep water as of late because of some controversial comments he made surrounding the upcoming Qatar World Cup. To be more specific; this is because Haaland criticised the organisers and the <span class="caps">FIFA</span> management for allowing the World Cup to take place in a country that is notorious for its blatant disregard for human rights, and as you may have guessed, these comments were not well-received by the higher-ups in question, especially those in Qatar. </p> <p>No statements have been made thus far as to what is actually going to happen to Haaland following the ordeal, and most of the reports about him being banned are just speculation. </p> <p>However, as those of you who are avid fans of <a href="">sports betting</a> will already know, Haaland’s future is uncertain at this point, and nobody quite knows what is going to happen to him.</p> <h3>There’s Always Something Holding Haaland Back</h3> <p>There always seems to be something that holds Haaland back. <a href="" rel="nofollow">Haaland has faced many obstacles</a> throughout his career, and whether it be an injury, a spill of bad luck, or a poor performance by his home nation, there is always some sort of issue that stops him from playing in the World Cup, and this is a trend that is becoming all too familiar.</p> <p>This is likely down to sheer coincidence. There are a myriad of variables that dictate whether or not someone plays in the World Cup, and the only reason Haaland seems to be the only one facing problems is because he is one of the few players that are famous enough to bring these issues to light. </p> <p>With a little luck, Haaland will have a straight path to the World Cup the next time he has the opportunity - things can only go wrong a certain number of times.</p> <p>Well, there you have it folks - you now know exactly why Haaland has never played in a World Cup as well as why he might not ever get the opportunity. Haaland’s stance on the upcoming World Cup has infuriated the higher-ups, and he may have even given away his only chance to play in a World Cup because of his morals.</p> <p>That’s not to say this is a bad thing. It is commendable for Haaland to voice his opinion even though it may hinder his career, and in our books, he is always going to be a champion. See you in the next one. </p> </div></div></div> Tue, 25 Oct 2022 22:55:31 +0000 geol 650664 at How to Help Your Kids Love Football <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/pexels-lukas-296302.jpeg" width="620" height="411" alt="pexels-lukas-296302.jpeg" /></p> <p>Getting your child to love football offers tons of benefits. Not only do you get to share your passion, but they also develop skills such as effective hand-eye coordination and get involved in a sport that helps keep them fit. The process takes a lot of time, but it can be worth your while if you use the right approaches to getting your child to fall in love with the sport. Here are a few suggestions to help you pull it off:</p> <h3>1. Watch a game with them</h3> <p>Whether through television or in person, watching a soccer game together is a great way to introduce the sport to your child. In addition to helping you spend quality time with each other, your child can associate the experience with you and develop the same passion later on. At some point, they can also mimic the movements they see in the field and realize how fun it would be to see themselves doing the same things as Neymar and <a href="">Lionel Messi</a>. </p> <h3>2. Play mini-games at home</h3> <p>Your child may be too young to play serious football, but it helps if you can play simple games in your backyard. Use these games as a fun way to train them <a href="" rel="nofollow">how to dribble</a>, pass, and take a shot at stationary targets such as a can or a wall painted with a target or marker. You can start by simulating a penalty kick using a smaller ball. You can teach your child the proper technique for kicking the ball. Start with subtle movements and give your child enough time to improve their legwork and accuracy. From there, you can move on to more advanced skills. </p> <h3>3. Take them to a training camp</h3> <p>Once your child has learned basic football skills, you can help them reach the next level by enrolling them at a licensed training camp. Look for football clinics or studios where your child can take up group classes handled by professional players. If you are in California, check out <a href=""><span class="caps">TOCA</span> Costa Mesa</a> which offers a tech-driven experience that will give your kids a reason to love the sport even more.</p> <h3>4. Give them gifts</h3> <p>As your child incorporates football into their life, you won’t have to think hard about what to give them for Christmas or their birthday. From a <a href="">football kit</a> to collectible memorabilia, explore football-themed gift ideas that will show how much you support their fondness for the sport. </p> <h3>5. Encourage and provide guidance</h3> <p>If your child is playing as part of a team, you need to encourage them. It won’t help to push them to their limits or punish them for failing to score a goal. Make them realize that playing football isn’t all about winning games and earning <span class="caps">MVP</span> awards. It’s also about having fun and becoming a better person.</p> <p>Getting your kids to love football shouldn’t mean forcing them. Introducing the sport little by little should be enough to help them develop an interest.</p> </div></div></div> Fri, 23 Sep 2022 14:01:31 +0000 chrishty 650605 at Could Spurs Actually Win The Premier League? <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p>Of all the teams in the Premier League this summer it has been Spurs who have been the busiest in the transfer window. This is not something which Spurs fans are used to, often having to wait until deadline day for deals which don’t end up happening. This intent shows that Tottenham are looking to take the Premier League very seriously this season, but could they actually win it? The best sportsbooks listed on <a href="">Bet Station</a> have Spurs as 3rd favorites behind City and Liverpool, and here is exactly why that is the case. </p> <h3>Kane and Son </h3> <p>Regardless of what other players Spurs bring in, it will be the dynamic duo of Kane and Son who will propel the side to any success which they may have. These two are in the prime of their careers and they have a telepathic connection on the pitch. The back end of last season showed this, and we can expect it to continue into the new season. </p> <h3>Winning Mindset</h3> <p>Losing seems to be in Spurs’ <span class="caps">DNA</span>, with regards to cups and leagues, but this is something which is quickly changing. Antonio Conte has won trophies and leagues with just about every club he has managed, meaning that the will to win is coming right from the top. Additionally Conte has brought in players who have tasted success elsewhere, seeking to transform the <span class="caps">DNA</span> of the club. </p> <h3>Smart Transfers</h3> <p>Many spurs fans were baffled when Kulesevski and Betancourt came in last January, but both seamlessly fitted into the team and improved them. This will give Spurs fans confidence that Conte and sporting director Fabio Paratici understand exactly what the side needs. Usually when a club brings in 5 or 6 new players at once, it can impact the side negatively and whilst this could be a risk for Spurs, Conte instills much more confidence in fans that he knows exactly what he is doing. </p> <h3>Big Teams</h3> <p>Tottenham had a great record last season against the big sides and their league position was mainly hindered from getting beaten by lower placed sides who they should have won against. This just goes to show the real caliber which this team has, if they are able to remain focused and consistent throughout the season. We have to remember that Spurs beat Manchester City twice last season, and played out a draw in both games against Liverpool. Given that Spurs should be improved with the transfers they have brought in, this could be a truly special season for Spurs fans. </p> <p>The big issue which Spurs will have is that Liverpool and Manchester City are doing things which no other team has done in this league. They are both arguably the top 2 teams in the world, they amass insane points totals consistently and that is the level which Spurs are going to have to reach if they want to be successful. We should never rule Spurs out, and they certainly could win the title but at this stage in their transformation it may be a season too early.</p> </div></div></div> Mon, 18 Jul 2022 21:30:23 +0000 ChrisGenest 650561 at 5 Tips for Guessing Who Will Finish Where in the Premier League Next Season <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p>Can we talk about Premier League without feeling that peculiar, exciting, overwhelming sense of joy? This has been the case since 1992, when the first Premier League season was launched. No wonder it is the most-watched league in the world. Each team brings something unique to the competition. This is why getting precise statistics on the upcoming season is impossible. But, some factors can help us outsmart the best football analyst, and we’re here for it. Let’s get right in!</p> <p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/nathan-rogers-i9hyw30buuq-unsplash.jpeg" width="624" height="416" alt="nathan-rogers-i9hyw30buuq-unsplash.jpeg" /></p> <h3>Betting Platforms</h3> <p>A betting site like <a href=""></a> seems to have a knack for predicting possible outcomes in football. It’s almost like a sixth sense, and you can use this to your advantage.</p> <p>Here is how to go about it. First rule: Forget about your gut instincts! With that in mind, click on the betting platform and look for the prognostics. This site usually has all the details on who is likely to win and why. This information can give you an idea of what the season is going to look like and even give you a serious head start in other leagues.</p> <h3>Get an Expert Point of View</h3> <p>Now that you know who the betting platforms have chosen as the crown bearer, you’ll need to hear from an expert too. But this can be a challenging task because there are so many football experts on the internet. Although those with a large audience have more credibility, you need to check their past records to make sure they are a reliable source. If they’ve checked all those boxes, then you can use their analysis to have an objective point of view.</p> <h3>Past Seasons</h3> <p>Although this may sound like an obvious thing to do, most people can’t seem to wrap their head around this. Studying the previous season can be helpful if you want to pick a Premier League winner. This doesn’t mean you have to retrace the <a href=",up%20of%20the%20Premier%20League." rel="nofollow">history of the Premier League</a>. That may be fun, but it won’t be of great help, as there have been drastic changes over the years. Instead, you would want to focus on the past ten seasons. Check out which club has been winning and the lapse of time between each win. </p> <h3>Titleholders</h3> <p>When gathering statistics on the Premier League, it is essential to look at the bigger picture. Find out how many titles each team has won, both in the Premier League and in other competitions like the <span class="caps">UEFA</span> Champions League, for example. This way, you’ll get to see how the different teams perform on an international level. If they can do well on foreign grounds, then the probability of them winning at home is higher.</p> <h3>Individual Game</h3> <p>Football is undoubtedly a collective sport, but studying each player’s game can be very helpful. A team’s strategy is more likely to succeed if the players can compensate for their teammates’ weaknesses. This is why before any football match, opponents usually study the team in front of them to have a precise idea of how each participant plays. You can use this approach to determine which team will win. </p> <p>However, it’s important to note performances aren’t always repeatable. Some players will have stellar single seasons. Others will have had storied careers but are passing their peak, like <a href="">Ronaldo</a>.</p> <h3>As a Final Note</h3> <p>With all that said, you’ve started drawing your personal list on who will finish where in the Premier League. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this game is full of surprises. You never know what can happen. The least favourite club, according to history, might as well surprise everyone and win the upcoming season. And, I guess this is one of the reasons we love this game so much. </p> </div></div></div> Fri, 24 Jun 2022 23:34:44 +0000 Gladys Villalonga 650536 at Should Chelsea Be Looking at New Midfielders or New Centre Backs? <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p>Just one year after lifting the <span class="caps">UEFA</span> Champions League trophy, Chelsea is looking to rebuild many of its lines, according to remarks from manager Thomas Tuchel. In a turbulent season with the ownership change, the Blues were close to the top on many levels but failed to win in the Premiership, where they came a distant third behind Man City and Liverpool. Later, the winner, Real Madrid, stopped Chelsea in the quarter-final round.</p> <p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/bez_zagolovka_2.png" width="624" height="468" alt="bez_zagolovka_2.png" /></p> <h3>What will fans get for their ticket price?</h3> <p>How will Thomas Tuchel compose a competitive team with the pending departures of some key players? With the <a href="">Chelsea tickets price</a> being among the most prized in the league, fans are spoiled and want a good return for the investment. So here are the most glaring areas where the Blues need to improve in the summer transfer window.</p> <h3>Depleted defence</h3> <p>German national team defensive back Antonio Rüdiger has been a cornerstone and player with the most minutes in last season for the defensive line for Chelsea. But, unfortunately, a reliable centre-back is moving to Real Madrid this summer and will leave a considerable gap. But, it is not the only departure from the reliable defence.</p> <p>Cesar Azpilicueta will probably return to Spain, and Andreas Christensen is heading to Barcelona, leaving the defender depth chart depleted. In addition, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Thiago Silva turns 38</a> in the fall and will need serious reinforcements.</p> <p>If everything goes according to announcements, Chelsea will bring in the Sevilla defender Jules Kounde. Other names on the shortlist are <span class="caps">PSG</span>’s Presnel Kimpenbe, Jose Gimenez from Atletico Madrid and rising Croatian right-back star, <span class="caps">RB</span> Leipzig’s Josko Gvardiol.</p> <h3>Midfield puzzle</h3> <p>The questions in the middle of the field remain with Jorginho and N’Golo Kante, who has one year left on the contract and are in their 30s, with Kante being injured frequently lately. The team should extend their contract or try to get something in return with transfers. </p> <p>The team is allegedly pursuing Monaco midfielder Aurelian Tchouameni, who is more likely to side with European champions Real Madrid. The other names on the radar include <span class="caps">PSV</span>’s Ibrahim Sangare and Declan Rice. Chelsea still has Mateo Kovacic, Mason Mount, and rotation players in Loftus-Cheek and Barkley.</p> <h3>Is the attack problematic?</h3> <p>Chelsea scored 76 goals in 38 matches in Premier League, which is very good, but not excellent, and way behind the top two teams. Eden Hazard left Chelsea three years ago and was the last player with 20+ goals in a season, which brings management concern.<br /> Belgian attacker Romelu Lukaku didn’t provide what was expected, while the <span class="caps">US</span> team’s biggest star Christian Pulisic and Germans Timo Werner and Kai Havertz had good performances.</p> <p>Chelsea is apparently looking for a forward position, Frenchman Ousmane Dembele, or <span class="caps">RB</span> Leipzig’s Christopher Nkuku. </p> <p>Suppose the Blues want more offensive production in the upcoming season. In that case, some of the strikers mentioned in connection with the Stamford Bridge side are Benfica’s Darwin Nunez or Lille’s Jonathan David. Although big transfers are already taking place, with London’s rival Tottenham signing Croatian winger Ivan Perisic, the clock is pressing for Tuchel and Chelsea management to replace the missing links and bring proper reinforcements. </p> </div></div></div> Tue, 21 Jun 2022 00:05:18 +0000 AlEXTAZY 650529 at Are Manchester United Right to Keep Hold of Ronaldo? <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p>So, it is confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo will be staying at Old Trafford. The Man Utd player has faced this question in many forms. “Would you stay considering…? Age? New managers? Better offers? Personal problems? Etc.”</p> <p>But was it the right decision for Manchester United to keep a hold of their best player? On face value, the answer is obvious. Of course, they should. But Ronaldo’s getting on and he has signed up for another 2-year contract where an injury could take him out of the game for good. Should Man Utd have swapped him out for one or two younger players?</p> <p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/enrique-guzman-egas-q1zq6zlnrja-unsplash.jpeg" width="620" height="414" alt="enrique-guzman-egas-q1zq6zlnrja-unsplash.jpeg" /></p> <h3>No, because he’s becoming entitled</h3> <p>It’s part of the territory of being named one of the best players in the world, but Ronaldo’s getting a big head on his shoulders. Mainly, it’s becoming clear that he doesn’t like to be handled.</p> <p>He was famously very fond of ex-manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and defended him when there were calls for the manager to be sacked. Which is fine, until you hear about Ole’s management style. He had a softly, softly approach that allowed players to come and go as they pleased, and which was diametrically opposed to interim manager Ralf Rangnick’s “drill sergeant” approach.</p> <p>Ronaldo didn’t like Rangnick and said as much while he was still in the position – a lot. While other players like Jadon Sancho and Anthony Elanga thrived off of the more intense training, Ronaldo wanted to be left alone.</p> <p>Which brings us to new Man Utd manager Erik ten Hag, who has confirmed he is bringing the model of training he enjoyed at Ajax to the Man Utd team. Of course, Ronaldo isn’t happy and has told the press he’s fine with staying at Old Trafford as long as ten Hag keeps his revolutionary new training model <a href="" rel="nofollow">far from him</a>.</p> <p>Whether he likes it or not, ten Hag is coming, and bringing his Ajax model with him. And whether he likes it or not, Ronaldo is part of the team. It’s obvious to see a clash of personalities and egos in the future. Find Man Utd tickets at <a href=""></a> to see for yourself how it will all pan out.</p> <h3>Yes, because he’s still the best</h3> <p>Cristiano Ronaldo has proven in the past year that he is not quite over the hill yet. Over a Premier League season plagued by managerial changes, training regime changes, personal trauma, and results of only reaching 6th place on the Premier League table, Ronaldo came out as the reigning champion. He is credited with carrying his team to that 6th place, and deservedly so, considering he scored 18 goals in 29 league matches.<br /> It’s really hard to argue with results like that.</p> <h3>Conclusion</h3> <p>Ultimately, it probably wasn’t a great financial decision. It’s easy to see an injury in Ronaldo’s future and even easier to see a combustion of personalities between him and ten Hag. But until they happen, which could be avoided with some luck and some calming meditation from Ronaldo, the Man Utd team gets to enjoy still owning one of the best players in the world, because even an aging best player in the world is a cut above the rest.</p> </div></div></div> Thu, 26 May 2022 23:18:44 +0000 Victor 650481 at The Most Popular Football Leagues to Bet on <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/wesley-tingey-dkckic0bqtu-unsplash.jpeg" width="640" height="427" alt="wesley-tingey-dkckic0bqtu-unsplash.jpeg" /></p> <p>The history of football is a long, storied, and complicated one. Kickball games in the same vein as football have existed for millennia, with the oldest one we are familiar with originating in China. In fact, this discovery has prompted quite a few Chinese people to claim that it was within China’s borders that football was originally invented. </p> <p>Whether this is true or not, one thing is certain. The rules and laws of the game, as we know it today, were officially codified in the middle of the 19th century. While these first rules have undergone major revisions since their first inception, they are still viewed as the official birth of the game proper, as we know it today.</p> <h3>Football Today</h3> <p>The towering popularity of football is unprecedented in the world of sports. With over 3.5 billion fans around the globe, the game is, by far, the most popular sport in the world today. It is played on every continent, with various major football leagues existing in most countries.<br /> These leagues draw in huge crowds of punters and fans, especially on various online betting sites, where people from all over the world congregate to place bets on all their favorite sports and leagues. Often times, punters tend to enjoy other forms of gambling as well. In the 21st century, most gambling is done online, and online casinos feature a plethora of <a href="">return to player games</a>, which feature a wide range of games for players looking to expand their horizon. </p> <p>But back to football, some of the most popular leagues in the world attract punters from all around the globe. In this article, we are taking a look at a few Football Leagues that draw in the biggest crowds of fans and punters. </p> <h3>The English Premier League is #1</h3> <p>By far the most popular League in the world of football today, the English Premier League, which was first founded in 1992. In the 30 years of its existence, the <span class="caps">EPL</span> has quickly risen to the top most popular football league around the world, drawing in punters from the <span class="caps">UK</span> (naturally), the <span class="caps">USA</span>, and a vast number of European, African and South Asian countries. The most popular clubs to place bets on in the <span class="caps">EPL</span> include Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Liverpool. </p> <p>The top echelon of English football, the Premier League features 20 of England’s greatest teams competing for the title. The current champions of the <span class="caps">EPL</span> are Manchester City, who have thus far won 5 titles, and are seemingly gunning for a 6th. The most successful club in the League, however, is <a href="">Manchester United</a>, with 13 titles under their belt. </p> <h3>The Bundesliga is Popular in its Own Right</h3> <p>The Bundesliga is the top tier of German football, seeing the best of Germany’s clubs face off in a heated battle for the title. The Bundesliga was first established in 1963, and has been going strong for the past 58 years. The clubs that have seen major success in the latest iteration of the Bundesliga are Bayern Munich, Dortmund, <span class="caps">RB</span> Leipzig, and Leverkusen, all of which have seen quite a bit of success in the league’s past.</p> <p>The most successful club in the Bundesliga, and the current champion of it, is one of Germany’s best, most popular, and most beloved clubs, Bayern Munich. The club has won the league on 31 different occasions, and hold 31 titles as of the end of the Bundesliga 2021/22 season. </p> <h3>Can’t Go Wrong with Serie A</h3> <p>Serie A is Italy’s biggest and most popular national league, holding the number 3 spot for biggest league in the world, behind only the English Premier League, and <a href="">the Spanish La Liga</a> (another league prospective punters should check out). Active since 1898, the Serie A is over 100 years old, making it among the oldest leagues in football today. </p> <p>Twenty of Italy’s greatest teams compete in the Serie A, with the most successful club in the history of the league being, unsurprisingly, Juventus, one of Italy’s most popular and beloved clubs. However, the current champions of the Serie A, are Inter Milan, who in 2020/21 won their 19th title. In the current, 2021/22 Serie A season, it is Milan that stands on top, with Inter being ranked 2nd, and Juventus holding the fourth place. </p> </div></div></div> Thu, 26 May 2022 15:47:51 +0000 chabi 650480 at FIFA Adopts as a Sponsor in the World Cup 2022 <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p>The world has waited for four years for the greatest spectacle in sports, the <span class="caps">FIFA</span> world cup in Qatar 2022. It’s the first time the World Cup has been held in a middle-eastern country. It has brought many sponsorships. One that has caught the eye of many people is the sponsorship.</p> <p> is a legitimate and credible crypto exchange company founded in June 2016 by Kris Marszalek (the current <span class="caps">CEO</span> of the company). is one of the first crypto firms to enable crypto payments and crypto exchanges and was crucial to the widespread adoption of digital coins.</p> <p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/world_cup.png" width="338" height="226" alt="world_cup.png" /><br /><em>Photo: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></em></p> <h3> and the <span class="caps">FIFA</span> World Cup</h3> <p>Over the years, has emerged as a powerhouse in the crypto world and now supports trading, investing, staking, wallets, <span class="caps">NFT</span>s, and much more on their cryptocurrency exchange. What sets them apart is they offer more than 250 cryptocurrencies, low fees, and discounts for those who hold their coin (<span class="caps">CRO</span>).</p> <p>It has led to add the world cup 2022, where you will find all the best strikers, midfielders, defenders and even some of the <a href="">tallest soccer player</a> in action, to its impressive sponsorship deals in the sporting world. Crypto and the sporting world have been growing closer together over the last few years as crypto exchanges see significant sporting events to get exposure to their brands, and no sporting event is larger than the <span class="caps">FIFA</span> World Cup in Qatar.</p> <p>They expect record audience numbers in the stadiums with an impressive international following as an added incentive. is widely known as one of the leading crypto trading exchanges globally and has a customer base of well over 10 million.</p> <h3>What’s in it for the Fans?</h3> <p> stated that they award exclusive merchandise to new and existing members of the platform; also plans to give their users access to <span class="caps">FIFA</span> World Cup 2022 matches. Fifa said that in the 2018 <span class="caps">FIFA</span> <span class="caps">WC</span>, it had 3.57 billion people watching the matches, with a whopping 1.12 billion tuning in for the final match. The co-founder of, Kris Marszalek, had the following to say:</p> <p>“We could not be more excited to sponsor the <span class="caps">FIFA</span> World Cup, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world, and to drive further awareness of globally.”</p> <p>He further added:</p> <p>“Through our partnership with <span class="caps">FIFA</span>, we will continue to use our platform in innovative ways so that can power the future of world-class sports and fan experiences around the world.”</p> <h3>Is Sport Adopting Crypto Globally?</h3> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> has always been interested in staking its claim in sports to build brand awareness. They have spent $700 million just to get the naming rights home to the <span class="caps">NBA</span>’s <span class="caps">LA</span> Lakers. also paid a 30-sec ad for the Super Bowl <span class="caps">LVI</span>. The sponsorship deal with the World Cup won’t be the first soccer deal for them.</p> <p> has its hands in a few jars at the moment. Moreover, they won’t be the only crypto platform sponsor at the prestigious event. Binance will also attend, but the title of the exclusive crypto trading platform will reside with</p> <h3>Conclusion</h3> <p>The World Cup in Qatar is evident of the growing influence cryptocurrency has on sports and soccer. Sport is developing a solid relationship with crypto companies and the crypto ecosystem. They also have their hooks in the betting markets if you want to place a wager on <a href="">Qatar <span class="caps">FIFA</span> 2022</a> with any cryptocurrency you prefer. </p> <p>The merging of the sporting world and the cryptocurrency world can only mean good things. Investors of cryptocurrencies and soccer fans worldwide can enjoy the best of both worlds. </p> <p><strong><em> Sources:</em></strong><br /><em><br /></em></p> </div></div></div> Mon, 28 Mar 2022 21:40:51 +0000 alex garcia 650422 at Casino Support Soccer Groups <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p>A well-known soccer fan, who is also a regular at casino online news, knows how important it is to win. Different fans may have different strategies, but the one thing they do share is that they all believe that they can achieve victory through the right combination of skill and luck.</p> <h3>Being a Part of The Team</h3> <p>This belief has translated into some fans’ close involvement with their favorite soccer teams. The more devoted supporters sometimes go beyond simply cheering for their home team, and they know how to <a href="">get more info</a> about how they can go about supporting their beloved team.</p> <p>These fans get involved by donating large amounts of money to their favorite soccer clubs and supporting them through many different activities. These activities include running club shops or sponsoring youth teams, which helps our future stars get the training they need to succeed in the big leagues.</p> <p>The most dedicated fans often go even further than that. They might start their fan clubs and even form their own soccer teams.</p> <h3>The Power of One</h3> <p>In the United States, one such fan is Roger Steinbrecher. </p> <p>After falling in love with the sport, he started his casino support soccer groups as a young man living in Europe. It didn’t take very long before he was having a massive impact on the sport and its future.</p> <p>Roger Steinbrecher knew the significance of teamwork, which inspired him to create his fan club. He began by asking a few friends if they were interested in creating a group, and slowly but surely, more people soon asked to join, making rogers fan club an official support group. Roger made sure that everyone had the same goal in mind: to have fun and support the team.<br /> In those early days, Roger’s group met at a local pizza restaurant before heading to the stadium, sharing slices and laughs; they bonded over their love of the game. Over time, more people joined his fan club, and it quickly grew into a small army of loyal supporters. To this day, fans worldwide can still join Roger’s group, which he calls ‘The American Outlaws.’</p> <h3>Lessons Learned</h3> <p>There are also lessons to be learned from his excellent example. </p> <p>Whether you love or hate soccer, what Steinbrecher did was very impressive. He started his fan club with no money and no real plan, but he knew that anything was possible with enough hard work and dedication. It turns out that doing what you love can turn your passion into a paycheque!</p> <p>Whether starting a fan club or building your business, always remember that the only thing stopping you from becoming a success is always going to be yourself and the limit to your imagination. When it comes to achieving your dreams, always go big!</p> <p>Roger Steinbrecher’s story is an inspiring example of what can be accomplished when you put your mind to it. He didn’t let the fact that he wasn’t a <a href="">professional soccer player</a> stop him from supporting his favorite team. </p> <p>He did the opposite and started his fan club, which is still going strong to this day! Building a community of players and fans was an unbelievably brilliant idea!</p> <p>This also gave other fans a place to come together and cheer on their team with pride. His group quickly grew in size and became known all over the world. With a massive amount of club benefits, it’s easy to see why fans have flocked to Rogers club.</p> <p>If you’re looking for a way to show your support for your favorite team, or <a href="">if you’re starting in business</a>, Roger’s story is an excellent example to follow. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible.</p> <h3>Join the Elite Fans Known as Ultras</h3> <p>The dedicated fans who follow premier Soccer Clubs are called ‘Ultras. </p> <p>Although the term originated in Italy, it is used globally to describe incredibly organized fans of league soccer teams. They’re groups of supporters that come together at the stadiums to show their love for their favorite team with their fanatical support. Ultras are known for their use of flares, vocal reliance and chants in large groups, and the displaying of massive banners at football stadiums. This is all designed to produce an atmosphere that inspires their own team and rattles the opposing players and their backers. These clubs often have very passionate fans, making them popular on Casino news sites.</p> <p>As you can see, it is possible to be part of your favorite team, even if you may not be the best soccer player in the world, by starting a club or volunteering your time to help others discover the fantastic sport known as soccer.</p> </div></div></div> Tue, 15 Mar 2022 21:40:19 +0000 ChrisGenest 650406 at Looking at Manchester City’s Current Track Record <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/photo-1612387050703-685c779375d4.jpeg" width="413" height="620" alt="photo-1612387050703-685c779375d4.jpeg" /><br /><em>Credit: Braden Hopkins – free to use under the Unsplash license</em></p> <p>Football has been an English tradition for the past century and a half. Ever since the Oxford Rules were first drafted in the mid-1800s, the sport has blown up in the country, and more broadly the world. Today, it has become the number 1, most watched sport in the entire world, with over five billion fans the globe over. </p> <p>In England, football is by far the most popular sport, with millions of fans attending games, or watching from their homes or sports pubs. England’s national football team is one of the most successful teams, according to <span class="caps">FIFA</span>, and taking a look at the official rankings reveals they are among the top 5 best European teams. </p> <p>The country is also home to some of the most popular football clubs, including Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and, most popular of all, Manchester United. </p> <h3>The Premier League</h3> <p>When it comes to English football, the most prestigious competition, without a doubt, is the Premier League. Usually starting in august and ending in May, the Premier League consists of twenty-six teams facing off against each other, the players pushing themselves to the limit in order to make sure their club remains in the first tier. </p> <p>For the past couple of years, the dominant team in the Premier League has been Manchester City. The club have really proven themselves deserving of the title of best, having competed in 23 matches so far, of which they have won 18, and lost only 2. But how are Manchester city doing in the <a href="">Premier League current match</a>? </p> <p>In this article, we are going to take a look at a few of the most recent Manchester City matches and talk about the club’s track record.</p> <h3>15 January 2022 – <span class="caps">VS</span>. Chelsea</h3> <p>The first match we are taking a look at, is the match against Chelsea, played on 15 Jan. This was their second-to-last match played during the current season, and the last match in the season that they won. For most of the match, the score remained at a tie, with neither team able to score a goal against each other’s valiant defense. </p> <p>Once kickoff began, the first notable shake-up was Marcos Alonso receiving a yellow card, for bringing down Man City’s left flank. The next yellow card is, once again, given to the Chelsea team, earned by Mateo Kovacic, who delivered a challenge on the ankle of a Man City player. </p> <p>The half time ended with a score of 0-0, however, in the second half of the game, Kevin De Bruyne managed to push through Chelsea’s defense and score a goal in the 70-minute mark. With this he clenched a victory for the champions. </p> <p>Manchester City is one of the best clubs in the football world. They would have been far stronger if they had managed to land Lionel Messi who later went on to join Paris Saint-Germain. The Argentine is undoubtedly one of the greatest footballers of all time and his name is so famous that even a piece such as <a href="">is Messi autistic</a> generates a great deal of interest among fans than anything else. </p> <h3>22 January 2022 – <span class="caps">VS</span>. Southampton</h3> <p>The latest game played by Manchester City came on 22 January, played against Southampton. Both team played their hearts out, and the match ended in a 1 – 1 draw. The Southampton team came out strong, managing to score a goal in the very first 10 minutes of game. The heart-pumping excitement of the first half ended with a 1 – 0 Southampton lead. However, Manchester City would recover in the second half. </p> <p>For twenty minutes of the second half, Manchester City could do nothing to break through the Southampton defense. This changed, however, in the 65th minute, when the Manchester City team pulled off a fantastic play, allowed Aymeric Laporte, a defender for the Man City team, to equalize the score. </p> <p>The match went on with neither team able to penetrate each other’s defenses, and ended in a tie.</p> <h3>9 February 2022 – <span class="caps">VS</span>. Brentford</h3> <p>Manchester City’s next match is scheduled to happen on 9 February, and they are going up against Brentford. Fans are <a href="" rel="nofollow">expecting a Manchester City win</a>, however, Brentford has their own supporters. The outcome of the match remains to be seen. </p> </div></div></div> Mon, 07 Feb 2022 02:19:01 +0000 ChrisGenest 650201 at BRIEF GUIDE TO INVESTING IN SPORTS <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p>Sports has evolved from a mere medium of entertainment to a major cash cow for people who know their way around the industry or have access to the right information. True, making money from sporting events is not a new phenomenon. The act is as old as time. However, with growing interest, participation, and modern technological innovations over the last few decades, the business side of sports has grown exponentially and is worth billions of dollars. While it might seem like the playground of the rich, even the average person can invest in this market and make good, extra income. Here are a few tips on how to make extra income by investing in sports.</p> <h3>Type Of Investor.</h3> <p>People invest for different reasons. This often determines the kind of investor they are. A long-term investor will choose a team or sport of their choice and hold their investment with them over a long time with the hopes of making a long-term profit. They often go against the general investment trend. A short-term investor will invest based on how a team or sport is doing in a season. They are not concerned with trends or previous seasonal performance. They simply look out for immediate short-term profits. Knowing what kind of investor, one is, helps to decide the kinds of investments that are a good fit.</p> <h3>Choose The Right Investment.</h3> <p>There are several kinds of investments a person can make depending on the kind of investor they are. To be able to choose the right investment, it is important to first know one’s area of interest. That way, they invest in what they know, which is the safest kind of investment. They must also be knowledgeable about their sport or team of choice. They must know its trend and track record to be able to anticipate possible wins or losses. Asides from teams and sports, there is a plethora of assets to choose from. One can invest in publicly traded sports companies, athletic brands, and apparel, collector’s items, or even shares that will confer team ownership. Online platforms like <a href="">Novibet</a> also allow people to place bets and make money on correct game predictions. </p> <h3>Study The Asset and Its Statistics.</h3> <p>Numbers do not lie. Any investor in any market will agree that it is important to study the intended asset and its history before sinking funds into it. Sports investing is no different. Even for a short-term investor, it is important to have a good understanding of the asset they wish to invest in and its track record for success and profitability. This could be the difference between winning and losing money. Whether it’s a team, a player, a brand, or the entire sport, statistics help make decisions and improve chances of making money.</p> <h3>Always Know the Risks of Investing in Sports.</h3> <p>As much money there is to be made, sports investing, just like any other can be risky. Even the most docile and predictable outcome can suddenly go left and all invested resources will run down the drain. A good investor understands that there is never a sure thing. There is simply a skill at minimizing risk by choosing assets with a high probability of profitability. It takes time and practice but it makes all the difference. </p> <h3>Conclusion.</h3> <p>With the right knowledge and skillset, Sports investing is fairly easy. There is a lot of money to be made. With the right investment of time and resources, one can cash out big.</p> </div></div></div> Fri, 07 Jan 2022 00:47:52 +0000 AlEXTAZY 650040 at Cristiano Ronaldo Returns To Manchester United and Strikes Twice <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p><a href="" rel="nofollow">Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford</a> was a dream come true to Manchester United fans after recording a brace during his second debut with the team. Cristiano helped Manchester record a 4-1 victory over New Castle last weekend, in a game that offered plenty of frustrations and excitement in equal measures.</p> <p>Before closing the summer transfer window, Cristiano seemed destined for Etihad Stadium before agreeing to return to Old Trafford 12 years after his departure. During his time outside Old Trafford, Cristiano recorded 551 goals in 572 games for <a href="" rel="nofollow">Juventus</a> and <a href="" rel="nofollow">Real Madrid</a>, getting four more Champions League titles to the ones he won with the red devils. His return to Old Trafford is an emotive and thrilling prospect to the supporters, as his name remains sung in the streets and his achievements a source of considerable pride. However, some fans are still wondering whether his trophy-hoarding success will continue under the management of his former teammate Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. </p> <h3>Cristiano Ronaldo’s Second Manchester United Debut</h3> <p>During his first spell with Manchester United, Cristiano spent six seasons with the team between 2003 and 2009, where he won eight major trophies and scored 118 goals. The 36-year-old Portuguese player rejoined Manchester late last month on a two-year contract and made his second debut on Saturday against Newcastle. A <a href="">live football</a> betting was available for the game with Vwin99, an Asian sports betting site with solid <span class="caps">EPL</span> odds. </p> <p>Earlier this month, Ronaldo (who will be wearing No. 7 jersey) said that his return to Manchester United isn’t a vacation and hopes to prove his value with consistent performances. Ronaldo further added that his main goal at Old Trafford would be to win again, terming it as a good chance for him, the clubs, and the supporters. </p> <p>During their game against <a href="" rel="nofollow">Newcastle</a> last weekend, Cristiano recorded two goals to give fans a strong reason to believe that he’s at Old Trafford to stay. The Portugal captain has shown better individual performances, but it’s never been this impressive for a long time. His expectation to deliver was almost overwhelming, but Ronaldo did what he does best, and now the fans are wondering what that means for Manchester United’s prospects. </p> <h3>Is There Room for Everyone?</h3> <p>When Cristiano’s return to Old Trafford was confirmed, some fans were worried that he might block the growth of some United’s players like Greenwood, a central striker who excelled in his first three <span class="caps">EPL</span> games. However, on Saturday, he moved to the right wing and enjoyed a decent game, while Pogba went back to the central midfield and Jadon Sancho moved to the left.</p> <p>The changes made in the team to accommodate Cristiano’s return shows that Ole Gunnar has found a new way to fit all the star attacking talent in his team in the starting lineup. Many questions are still unanswered, including whether Pogba can excel in the midfield and whether Sancho will be effective on the left like he’s on the right. There’s also the issue of where Marcus Rashford fits in the equation once he recovers from his injury. That means Solskjaer will need to manage his players with caution to keep everyone happy. </p> </div></div></div> Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:25:10 +0000 David Avanesian 649731 at England’s Most Painful and Embarrassing Defeats <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p>What are England’s most painful and embarrassing defeats of recent times? Well, there are plenty to choose from. No doubt, there have been periods of English footballing excellence, but it just never seems to last. Although always seemingly knocking on the door, and actually boosting at the time of this writing a World Cup semi-final, a Nation’s League semi-final, and a Euros final in their last three tournaments, they just cannot quite seem to get over the line like Brazil, Spain, Germany, France, and Argentina all have. </p> <p>The upside of all of this of course is that following England, especially when they seem to be on a run, is rarely a boring endeavour. And when it comes to tournament football, it is very often a gut-wrenchingly anxious time. This usually makes the victories all the more sweeter – and the defeats all the more painful. Placing a <a href="">football bet</a> on England is rarely a dispiriting business, and the recent impressive Euros performance should serve as a reminder that England are always a team with the potential for glory – however often it might elude them at the last moment.</p> <p>So, what painful or embarrassing defeats are we talking about here? There are two potential ways to compile such a list. We could potentially list the most embarrassing defeats, the painful upsets that have seen England lose to far inferior teams. Alternatively, England’s “worst” defeats could perhaps be seen as those which have robbed them with glory in sight or have seen the team crash out of tournaments after a promising run – even if they played well. For a team like England, who are technically a team that could win the World Cup but haven’t done so for 55 years, there is no shortage of these types of defeats.<br /> For our list, we will be compiling a list with only pain and heartbreak as criteria. </p> <h3>Euro 2008: England 2 – 3 Croatia</h3> <p>There will certainly be some near-misses included on this list, but this match against Croatia in the qualifying stages of Euro 2008 is not one of them. Damned by a combination of bad luck and not a little incompetence, this was a particularly painful England loss because it robbed England of the single point they would have needed to qualify. </p> <p>Yet however close to qualifying England came, there were many mistakes made too. Manager Steve McClaren not only decided to drop Paul Robinson and David Beckham but putting inexperienced keeper Scott Carson in goal led to an early howler, robbing the team of any momentum as they lurched towards a 2-0 defeat. Misery all round. </p> <h3>World Cup 2010: Germany 4 – 1 England</h3> <p>With McLaren sacked just after the 2008 Euros and new manager Fabio Capello instated in his stead, England did noticeably improve as they moved hopefully towards the World Cup in 2010 (well, at least they qualified this time). </p> <p>Ultimately, it was to be the second round and crashing out at the hands of old rivals Germany. What made this defeat so painful was a combination of factors: there was the sense that England had improved, but not by that much. They may have qualified, but they struggled against the weak teams in their group (Algeria, the United States, and Slovenia) to do so and this underscored just how far they still had to go. Add to that an unfairly disallowed goal from Lampard that crossed the line by a yard and the superiority of the Germans on the day, and you have a recipe for bitterness and woe. </p> <h3>World Cup 1990: England 1 – 1 West Germany (3 – 4 on penalties) </h3> <p>On the eve of German reunification, West Germany marked their last ever tournament by narrowly beating England in the semi-finals on penalties; a result which is all the more painful for the sense that it was undeserved. Over the course of a game in which England were probably the better side, the Three Lions headed towards their semi-final exit by way of a galling free-kick deflection off Paul Parker, a booking for Gazza, and a narrow loss on penalties. The dream was once again shattered. </p> <h3>Euro 1996: England 1 – 1 Germany (5 – 6 on penalties) </h3> <p>Losing to the Germans on penalties had by 1996 become a recurring nightmare for England, inspiring much bitterness simply for the sense of injustice that always accompanies such a result. In the interim since their last loss to the Germans, England had gone through a particularly dismal patch, putting in a miserable performance at Euro ’92 and failing to even qualify for the World Cup in 1994. After such extended misery, there was real hope for a new dawn at Euro ’96, but it was not to be. </p> <p>This game in the semi-final was a particular stinger precisely because of this hope, which had been fuelled by a marvellous performance against Holland, who conceded four brilliant England goals. And yet it was to be later-manager Gareth Southgate whose missed penalty sent England crashing out, all that promise wasted.</p> </div></div></div> Wed, 08 Sep 2021 15:53:42 +0000 Jim Powell 649705 at Traditional football teams from Sao Paulo, Brazil <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p>Even though Brazil did not invent football, many of the world’s greatest players of all time indeed come from this South American nation. It is still by far the most popular sport over there, and some of the biggest teams in the country are located in Sao Paulo, its most populous city, which is also among the biggest in the world.</p> <p>If you are looking to place sports bets in Brazilian teams like the one mentioned below, check out the latest odds released at <a href="">Novibet sports</a>. They have some of the best offers and cover many local and national championships from Brazil. Here’s a summary of the largest traditional teams from the city of Sao Paulo:</p> <h3>Corinthians</h3> <p>If you know anything about football in Brazil, you should definitely know how big Sport Club Corinthians Paulista is. Founded by railway workers in 1910, it is one of the most successful teams in Brazil and the world, winning the <span class="caps">FIFA</span> World Championship twice.<br /> In 2017, Corinthians was listed by Forbes as the most valuable football club in the Americas, being worth over $577 million, as it’s one of the most widely supported teams globally and the second in all of Brazil (after Rio’s Flamengo), with more than 30 million fans across the country.</p> <h3>Palmeiras</h3> <p>Second to Corinthians is Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras. Created by italian immigrants in 1914 as Palestra Italia, the club had to change its name and identity during World War Two as Brazil joined the Allied forces against Mussolini’s Italy. Currently, Palmeiras has the third largest fanbase with over 18 million supporters and is ranked #1 in the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (<span class="caps">CBF</span>) national rank.</p> <p>Palmeiras and Corinthians have a centenary rivalry in this sport. It even has its own name, the “Derby Paulista”. Beginning in 1917, they have played 369 matches against each other, scoring over 1000 goals altogether. Curiously enough, Palmeiras has only one victory more than Corinthians in 104 years of rivalry.</p> <h3>Sao Paulo</h3> <p>Created in 1930 as a merge of two other existing football teams, Sao Paulo Futebol Clube is a traditional Paulista team from the Morumbi neighborhood, located in the western part of town. Nicknamed the “tricolor” after its red, white and black colors, <span class="caps">SPFC</span> is the most successful Brazilian team overseas, having won 12 international football titles.<br /> Sao Paulo hasn’t unfortunately won any major titles in the last decade, despite its strong lineup and sponsorships from reputable brands. The team won its last title in 2012.</p> <h3>Portuguesa</h3> <p>As the name suggests, the Associacao Portuguesa de Desportos was created in 1920 by the Portuguese immigrant community from Sao Paulo, which was once a colony of the Portuguese Empire. Having a strong regional presence, the team won important state championships in the past. However, the team has been facing a deep crisis since 2014, when a lawsuit involving a recently hired player and a rival team from Rio caused Portuguesa to lose points and downgrading to the second division.</p> <p>After that, other financial and corruption issues appeared, pulling the team deeper into the fourth division, the lowest league in professional football in Brazil.</p> </div></div></div> Fri, 26 Mar 2021 10:54:01 +0000 ChrisGenest 649351 at Thomas Tuchel’s Man Management Is Helping Turn Things Around At Chelsea <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/chelsi2021.png" width="620" height="413" alt="chelsi2021.png" /><br /><em>Photo via @ChelseaFC/Twitter</em></p> <p>New Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has wasted very little time turning things around at the London club. The German appears to have brought belief back, with spirits now high on the back of a tumultuous period that saw Frank Lampard replaced last month.</p> <p>Tuchel looked like he might be ushering in the beginning of the end when he hooked second-half substitute Callum Hudson-Odoi off after just 20 minutes of action against Southampton on the weekend. This is the one thing managers are not to do as being subbed off as a substitute is the most embarrassing thing a player can be subjected to by his manager. </p> <p>However, Hudson-Odoi was among the starters against Atletico Madrid on Tuesday, helping the Blues to a 1-0 win over the Spanish supremos, who are certainly one of the strongest sides in Europe this season. Tuchel added insult to injury by criticizing the attacker after the 1-1 draw vs. Southampton but it seems to be all forgotten after a team meeting in which <a href="" rel="nofollow">Hudson-Odoi’s attitude was discussed</a>. It also helped that Tuchel express a bit of regret.</p> <p>It would also seem that, if the manager was trying to send a message, it was heard loud and clear. <a href="" rel="nofollow">According to a story in The Athletic</a>, Tuchel is in constant communication with his players, even the ones who aren’t getting as many minutes as their peers. This is understood to have been an area in which Lampard fell short as the players on the fringes were mostly left in the dark, with no idea as to what to do to get back into the team.</p> <p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/ftletiko2021.png" width="620" height="413" alt="ftletiko2021.png" /><br /><em>Photo via @ChelseaFC/Twitter</em></p> <p>“The ones that aren’t playing, he is always talking to them,” a source told the publication. “That’s the big difference Tuchel has made.</p> <p>“It means something. If the manager chats to you when out of the side, you have a better feeling. You feel part of the group, still included, still part of it. He tells them what to do better, that kind of thing. He focuses on the whole team, the whole squad. He is very personable.”</p> <p>Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Newcastle United in mid-February is reported to have put something a bit extraordinary on show during the break. The Blues went into halftime with the lead but were probably flattered by the scoreline as their play did not have the makings of a team capable of holding onto the lead.</p> <p>Tuchel, though, promised to reward his players should they leave the pitch as winners.</p> <p>“He was giving the team talk and then suddenly said, ‘If you win this game, I will give you two days off,’” an insider was quoted as saying. “Everyone looked at each other thinking, ‘What the…?!’ This was the first they’d heard of it. They’d never had something like this before. It was his way of motivating them.”</p> <p>Things are looking pretty good for Chelsea at the moment. The Londoners are one win away from qualifying for the Champions League quarter-finals but have to face the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, and Everton domestically before heading back into the second leg of their tie on March 17.</p> <p>Atletico ran into Chelsea at a pretty bad time. The Spanish outfit was made to go up against a disciplined Chelsea side in the midst of a resurgence, while they themselves were in pretty bad form. They were treated to a 2-0 loss at the hands of Levante before facing the Blues, with Levante having also held them to a 1-1 draw in a prior meeting. They’re now hoping to return to winning ways when they go up against Villarreal on Sunday and bettors keen on the results would do well to take a <a href="">look at the La Liga odds by <span class="caps">SBR</span></a>.</p> <p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/gol2021.png" width="620" height="413" alt="gol2021.png" /><br /><em>Photo via: @ChelseaFC/Twitter</em></p> <p>Tuchel, meanwhile, will hope to keep his unbeaten streak up with Chelsea heading into quite what could be a troublesome period. What’s more impressive about his record so far is the fact that the ink on his contract hadn’t dried up by the time he put his new players through training as they were to play Wolverhampton Wanderers the very next day. </p> <p>Tuchel told <span class="caps">BT</span> Sport he and his assistants decided how to approach training while flying to England.</p> <p>“On the flight over (from Paris), we decided what to do in training and how to play against Wolves,” he explained.</p> <p>“We’d watched (some of Chelsea’s) Champions League games, we had a clear impression. It was not too deep. It was not like we had prepared for weeks and weeks that this might come. Perhaps it was a good thing, as I didn’t overthink it. (Joining Chelsea) was a gut decision rather than from the brain.”</p> <p>We have yet to see what Tuchel is like after a loss. Who knows how things might pan out whenever the Blues lose their first game under the German? But the team appears to be in a good place now. Fans will hope the winning continues.</p> </div></div></div> Tue, 02 Mar 2021 08:40:01 +0000 Den 649335 at 1xBet sports betting online is a great place to visit and win <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even"><p>Sports betting is an activity that more and more people do every day. One of the main reasons for this explosive increase has been the enormous number of websites dedicated to the activity that have appeared in recent times, however, without a doubt the best place for sports betting in India is <a href="">1xBet sports betting online</a>. There are several reasons to support this claim, which will be pointed out throughout the article.</p> <p>First of all, it should be noted that 1xBet is not only a sports betting site, it also has a fantastic online casino, which will be discussed in more detail in the last section of the article. However, for now it can be safely said that 1xBet online sports betting in India is an excellent option to win money.</p> <h3>The best of any live <span class="caps">IPL</span> betting on 1xBet</h3> <p>The best of any bookmaker can be up for debate, however, it is hard to contradict those who have enjoyed the fantastic live options that the bookmaker offers. By accessing the portal and enjoying <a href="">any live <span class="caps">IPL</span> betting on 1xBet</a>, it is possible to find thousands of cricket events, from dozens of disciplines, available at any time for players from all corners of the world.</p> <p>An important number of these events also have their own live broadcasts, which means that this aspect of betting 1xBet any <span class="caps">IPL</span> on it can even be used to enjoy and relax with a great sporting event, therefore, 1xBet live bets are an excellent option to spend the time.</p> <p><img src="/sites/default/files/imce/7257/1x_1.png" width="620" height="349" alt="1x_1.png" /></p> <h3>How to bet live on eSports - 1xBet</h3> <p>Probably many people reading this article would like to start <a href="" rel="nofollow">bet live on eSports - 1xBet</a>, and probably they have already made pre-match wagers before. However, it is not necessary to be scared, as this process is extremely simple and can be done by executing the following steps:</p> <p>● Sign in to 1xBet or create an account<br /> ● Locate the eSports area<br /> ● If the event in question is not located in the main screen of this section, it is possible to use the easy navigation menu until reaching it. Another alternative is to employ the search bar<br /> ● Click or tap on the event<br /> ● Review and confirm any wagering options that is of interest</p> <p>And that’s it. These extremely simple events will never take more than a few minutes to be completed, and once ready, they will allow the user to place wagers and play his chances for potentially fantastic rewards. This is why it is a fantastic idea to use the 1xBet live bet on eSports, and explore everything that it has to offer.</p> </div></div></div> Tue, 02 Feb 2021 11:33:29 +0000 Sam Flin 649272 at