12 July, 2012 - 10:15

Russian national team should avoid revolution

Russian national team should avoid revolution

The manager of the second national team of Russia Yuri Krasnozhan shared his opinion on potential candidates for the post of the manager of Russia and claimed the squad should not be radically changed.

‘I reckon it does not really matter who leads the national team. A more important thing is what a coach brings with him to the team. First of all he should clearly understand what was happening in the team before his appointment. Secondly he should act rationally, i.e. identify the main problems and act forcefully on solving them.The manager should see the direction the team should move in. And what is more significant for him is to see the team as part of the Russian football.

Expressing my personal view I would prefer a Russian expert to rule the squad. But frankly speaking nationality is not essential. We do not check your passport in football but rather your professionalism and your skills.

Speaking about the squad of the national team I do not think that the line-up should be changed. The team that played at Euro 2012 consists of the best players of the country that earned the right to play at the tournament. We cannot talk about the relations between the players as long as we are not part of the team. And I do not see any prerequisites for radical shifts.

Without any doubt, we need fresh blood, fresh players. But this cannot be done in radical manner. We should be precise about new players we bring in, we should choose the ones hungry for victories. We should avoid revolution and step on the evolutionary path.’

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