31 May, 2013 - 08:01

Suarez hinted at Liverpool exit

Suarez hinted at Liverpool exit

Liverpool bad boy Luis Suarez has again hinted as possible exit from Anfield.

Suarez has been at the centre of speculation after his infamous biting of Ivanovic in Premier League encounter against Chelsea, for which he has been given lengthy ban. Earlier this month the Uruguayan revealed he is disappointed with the sharp criticism of his actions from the side of English media and admitted he may be eager to join the Spanish club. However these statements were later deflated out by his agent, who assured the fans the prolific striker is happy to stay at the club.

Now Suarez put top European clubs on alert, claiming he needs to “change of environment”. He said: “It’s a good moment for a change of environment because of all I’ve been through in England, where I haven’t been judged as a player but based on other things. I had a hard time, very hard, and the things that have been said are lies. One has limits and the family also suffers.

“It’s nothing against Liverpool, on the contrary, I feel very comfortable at the club, but I have a daughter and I do not want to hear bad things about her father,” he added.

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Author: Basil Naumov

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