24 April, 2013 - 11:40

Swansea Laudrup set to add striker in summer

Swansea Laudrup set to add striker in summer

Swansea boss Michael Laudrup is seriously considering the perspective of adding another striker to his squad.

With Danny Graham leaving the Swans in January, the Welsh side has only forwards Luke Moore and the on-loan Itay Shechter available for selection. Despite Michu quite successfully fulfilling the duties of striker for the whole season, Laudrup is determined that he needs to expand the attacking options if his side wants to compete in Europe next season.

The Dane said: “You can’t stop rumours and I can’t tell you not to ask me about something you have heard. When it is one forward and then another and another, I cannot lie to you and say we are not looking for a forward. If there are rumours it is because people think this club is looking for someone in that position, and it will go on until the start of next season.”

“I don’t want to go into detail, but we are looking for players, as we have been all season. Sometimes we have to take people off the list because it is not possible or we change our opinion. But we have a list for every position. If one of our players who we did not expect to leave suddenly leaves then you cannot stand there saying ‘Now what?’ You need to have a list of players in mind and that is what we have,” he added.

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Author: Basil Naumov

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