18 October, 2012 - 12:43

Terry apologized for racist language over Ferdinand

Terry apologized for racist language over Ferdinand

Chelsea captain John Terry made an apology for airing coarse language against Queens Park Rangers’ defender Anton Ferdinand last October.

Football Association panel has estimated Terry’s behavior in the match between Chelsea and QPR on 23 October 2011 as ‘improbable, implausible and contrived’. It had no reasonable grounds to believe that Chelsea player only repeated the words he thought Ferdinand had accused him of saying. Eventually, the panel fined Terry £220,000 and ruled him out for four domestic matches. Thus, he will be omitted from the squad for Premier League and Capital One Cup fixtures against Manchester United on 28 and 31 October as well as an away encounter with Swansea on 3 November.

However, Terry decided not to call upon the matter and accepted the punishment. He apologized to everyone for the foul language he used in the game and ensured it won’t happen again. Moreover, Chelsea defender expressed his helpfulness to root out any racial abuse from the field.

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Author: Kate Kozz

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19 October 2012, 19:40

Amazing new offer. Call a spade a spade and get £220,000 fine.

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