2 November, 2012 - 14:04

Theo Walcott is unsatisfied with his contract

Theo Walcott is unsatisfied with his contract

Life has never been easy for Arsenal and their fans. And Theo Walcott seemingly decided to make even more complicated.

We all remember Robin Van Persie transfer saga and disappointment that move cased. And when Arsenal head coach asked fans to welcome the former striker at the Emirates in the first game against his former team we tend to agree with Wenger. The move was quite painful as the Dutchman wanted not only money, but a club with greater ambitions, but we got over it. Well, we might even applaud him.

Yet Theo Walcott learnt Van Persie tricks and now started his little performance under the title “Theo wants more”. The contract of the English player expires the following summer and Wenger wants to sign him before Christmas, yet the sides cannot agree on financial terms with Walcott demanding £100,000 per week. One more point in the debate is that Theo wants to become a striker in the squad but Arsenal’s current tactics scheme places him in the middle field. The football player is allegedly chased by Manchester City, Liverpool and Juventus, though the question that we have in our minds is not really the name of his future club, but why players are so desperate to leave Arsenal?

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2 November 2012, 14:30

Thoe??? Don't know such a player :)) This guy is staying with Arsenal, for sure

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