23 August, 2012 - 12:15

Tito Vilanova says the importance of ‘Clasico’ is exaggerated

Tito Vilanova says the importance of ‘Clasico’ is exaggerated

Tonight one of the grand battles of the European continent will draw attention of the football fans.

The ‘Clasico’ between Real Madrid and Barcelona will decide the fate of the Spanish Super Cup. Yet before the match Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova stated the match is not the most important thing in his life, stating that: ‘It’s not like that if we lose, the world will fall down around me or I won´t be able to continue or do my job. I don’t think that much is at stake in a single game, I would like enjoy this job peacefully. I’m sorry; there are more essential things in my life.’

The Catalan tactician stated that the winner of the final will not definitely become the best all season, as it is too early to speak about it.

Barcelona head coach claimed that in recent years the club has done spectacular and unbeatable things, winning nine titles in two years. ‘There are not so many teams in football history that are remembered not just for their trophies but for how they played, and Barcelona is one of them‘, Villaniva added.

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Like that chap)

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23 August 2012, 12:25

now, you are stupid, are not you...if you like him, you just vote for him and close the page.I guess comment section is for more intellegent thoughts, if you have any...

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