25 August, 2012 - 12:31

Xavi: Valdes is the best keeper in the world

Xavi: Valdes is the best keeper in the world

After the match against Real Madrid Barcelona number 6 Xavi Hernández defended the team’s goalkeeper Víctor Valdés who made a foolish mistake that allowed Galacticos to score the second goal.

Xavi claimed Valdes is a real professional and ‘mentally strong, moreover totally prepared for anything that happens.’ The Spain international emphasized: ‘The way the team play means risky situations with the ball appear. The opposing team is aware of this, putting pressure on us’.

Talking about the rivalry between the clubs and the atmosphere during the match, Xavi explained the match was more relaxed than previous ones and he even talked to Iker Casillas before the game. The midfielder stated: ’A few years ago, there used to be bigger tension than the norm, but it seems to be more relaxed now. Though we all want to win.’af

Xavi claimed he felt mixed emotions after the match even though the team defeated the opponents. Barcelona midfielder underlined his team was physically better and managed to keep possession, creating more chances. ‘4-1 would have been fairer result than 3-2,’ the player added.

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25 August 2012, 14:47

Real will win)))

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27 August 2012, 15:56

Oh that clumsy action from Valdes was real fun :))) Seems like the guy is always nervous like hell!

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