28 November, 2019 - 09:44

Champion’s League History is Making Mourinho Excited at Spurs

The Tottenham Hotspurs managed to reach the Champion’s League final last year and now they are being led by the one and only José Mourinho. This could mean great things for the team and it could even give them the push they need to go all the way. If this is to happen however then José Mourinho needs to make sure that he doesn’t make the same mistakes that he did with other teams. Sure, he’s an amazing professional with years of experience, but the Spurs need a born leader who can guide them to the top. Can José Mourinho do that?

José Mourinho’s Admission

If you have ever looked up football odds before then you will know what a difference a key professional can make to a team. A lot of people see a spark in José Mourinho, and this could mean that he’s about to make history. He spent the first two days at his new job smiling away and this could be a clue that he’s finally gotten to the point where he feels settled. He managed to get a reputation for scowling before and it would seem that everyone who is at Manchester United were glad to see the back of him. José Mourinho does have a short temper but when you look deeper at him as a person, you’ll soon see that he’s a little too vain in order to want to spend the rest of his life being disliked.


Time for a Change?

José Mourinho is very well supported at Spurs but it’s not often that you see a manager being replaced so quickly. This is why Pochettino’s dismissal was greeted by more waves of negativity when compared to José Mourinho’s appointment. It’s been pointed out that Daniel Levy and his new manager are going to be very far apart in terms of their team-building approaches and even their strengthening activities too. If José Mourinho has any of the magic dust that he has left over from his previous teams then he should be able to change perceptions in no time at all.

The Carabao Cup

Pochettino’s side were beaten at the Carabao Cup and a lot of this came down to penalties. This is one of the many factors that led to the ultimate demise. José Mourinho’s eyes need to be on the final and he needs to stay focused as much as possible. If the team are able to do this as well, then there is no telling how far they might be able to go. Of course, it must have occurred to José Mourinho that they should be able to get to the finals this time but only time will tell. In his last job, it would appear that José Mourinho was tasked with getting a side into the Champion’s League. Now however, he is in charge of one and even though the results have been somewhat uneven, it’s safe to say that the Spurs look good right now.

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Author: Ana Cocieru

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