25 October, 2017 - 10:44

Sneak Peek: Welcome to Scorum, A Rising Star in the Sports Media Game

Bringing Blockchain Based Innovation to Reward Fans Worldwide.

ScorumCoins Crowdsale

Scorum is here to enrich and enable the massive global population of sports fans; the passionate legions that rejoice, weep, follow, and “like” their favorite clubs, teams, and athletes across the wide world of sport. In our vision of the near future, this passion for sports will manifest itself in tangible rewards for all the energy and time fans put into their lifelong pastime.

Who among us cannot recall the preeminent joys of youth spent playing sports, gleefully attending games, matches, or competitions fraught with emotion, and adoring, idolizing even, the heroes of our game? The rush of every goal scored, the overwhelming roars echoing around the stadium, and the shared sorrow of stinging defeat; each experience etched deeply in our memory. As time passed, the fans continue to gather, socialize, and bond around the competitions that unite each of us within a global community now over one billion strong.

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Born out of this collective passion for sports, Scorum is here to provide bold new platform, a paradigm shift in the way fans participate in the massive sports industry. We see an opportunity for everyone involved to take to the field and share a piece of the action. An all-inclusive cross-platform source for every sport that will reward passionate fans in a clear, fair and transparent manner.

Instead of rewarding just the people at the top, who’ve been rigging the rules in their favor since the beginning of time, the game will completely reset with a new set of rules.

@Daniel Jeffries

Having established the why, let’s move on to how we want to change the game. The core of Scorum will be the innovative blogging platform where authors and readers can create, curate, engage, and be rewarded each step of the way. Based on anticipating the trends outlined in this Nielson report, Scorum is on the cutting edge of a new wave of sports media allowing IP owners to take control of content and the conversation.

Commercial Trends In Sports 2017

Given groundbreaking movement towards decentralized systems recently, blockchain technology is the obvious foundation upon which to base Scorum. We’ve decided to build Scorum’s blockchain protocol on the Graphene Framework utilizing a Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm which will best meet the needs of our high-traffic network. As we move closer to our Crowdsale, we’ll share in more detail about using this foundation for Scorum.

Our vision is that Scorum will be a primary player in the future role of media creation and consumption by the passionate audience of all sports worldwide. To that end, the features we have and continue to develop for Scorum will be focused on anticipating and meeting the needs and interests of our potential user audience of 1 billion active fans across the globe.

The realization of our vision will follow three core principles:

  • First, our cryptocurrency will be supported by real economic drivers
  • Second, all participants within the system must benefit from their engagement
  • And finally, profit distribution should be objectively fair and controlled by the user community.

Follow along to learn more over the coming days about how we’ll bring Scorum to life.

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Author: AlEXTAZY

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