29 November, 2019 - 16:44

The 5 Biggest Football Clubs in the World

Which are the biggest football clubs in the world? It’s one question that many ask. Sure, there is no perfect measuring cup to compare the world-class football clubs that hail from different countries. As Betway fans will agree, football is like a religion, and any list that is provided of the biggest teams in the world might not satisfy all of its fans. It’s why many spend hours trying their luck betting on https://www.bettingtiponline.com/ when they want.

We bring to you the current biggest football clubs, based on social following, financial value, and the sales of club-related merchandise.

1. Manchester United

Founded as Newton Health LYR Football Club in 1878, this powerhouse club chose its current name in 1902. Known as the most successful club that hails from England, Manchester United has a big fan following in social media and tops the chart in club value with a whooping £3.127 million. Another report shows that Man-U has over 750 million fans spread all over the world. Performance-wise, it comes after the Spanish clubs Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, but it has a total revenue of £591 million, and has managed to house some of the most talented players, such as Wayne Rooney, David Beckam, and Paul Pogba who carried on the legacy of this great club.

2. Real Madrid

With an estimated worldwide fanbase of 350 million, this Spanish club has been in the limelight for its excellent performance in the Champions League. With a financial revenue of £589 million and club value of £3.092 billion, the club houses Christiano Ronaldo, the Portugese player known for his powerful and calculated goals and finishing moves. Founded in 1902, they top the list of performance, and have members like Sergio Ramos and Luka Modric, who have astounding player values.

3. FC Barcelona

Founded in 1899 and known for its undisputed rivalry with Real Madrid, Barca is right behind their rivals on this list, with an estimated number of 450 million fans all over the world. Attack and defence enforced with players like Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Gerard Pique, the club boasts a financial revenue of £566 million and club value of £3 billion. In the performance chart, they take up the second rank, right after Real Madrid.

4. Chelsea FC

Occupying the eighth position on the performance-based chart, Chelsea FC scores the fourth place in this list with an estimated fanbase of 145 million. With a financial revenue of £426 million and club value of £1.691 billion, Chelsea houses power players like N’Golo Kante, Christian Pulistic and Fikayo Tomori. They were founded in 1905.

5. Arsenal

Housing top-class players like Mesut Ozil, Granit Xhaka and David Luiz, it is no wonder that this club rose to be one of the most popular clubs as of now, with a fanbase of “booners” over 125 million. They rank tenth in the performance list, and occupies the fifth position here with club value of £1.691 billion and revenue of £426 million. They have Arsene Wanger as their manager who has been serving in the club for over 22 years, who have attracted many players into the club.

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Author: Michael Ball

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