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19 September
1 March
Meta: Everton’s defensive midfielder Amadou Onana has had a fantastic season so far. Is he destined for a top-six move soon? Find out right here.
18 July
Of all the teams in the Premier League this summer it has been Spurs who have been the busiest in the transfer window.
25 June
Can we talk about Premier League without feeling that peculiar, exciting, overwhelming sense of joy?
27 May
Should Man Utd have swapped out Ronaldo for one or two younger players? Read on for more.
26 May
28 March
The world has waited for four years for the greatest spectacle in sports, the FIFA world cup in Qatar 2022.
7 February
9 October
The UEFA Europa League is in full swing, and teams continue to vigorously compete for the title.
27 March
As surely every football fan knows by now, Euro 2020 has been postponed until 2021, due to the global coronavirus outbreak.
5 February
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TOP players - Real Sociedad all

Young players pen their multimillion contracts and some do not think about their life after, while others make investments. Years of glory are not everlasting and footballers choose different ways to go after the end of their professional playing career.
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Author: Lyuba Koblinets
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Sobhi Sokaina
01.09.22 02:10
Leo Ostigard made his first #Napoli start this evening: 4 Clearance... read more
14.12.20 07:38
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02.11.20 09:32
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