12 March, 2020 - 11:20

Football - Who Will Reach The Finals?

As the Euro 2020 is set to kick off on June, 20 automatic qualifiers have already booked a spot in the competition. Here’s a quick look at how these 20 teams got there and the 16 teams that might secure the four remaining spots through the Euro 2020 qualifiers scheduled for March.

Qualified Teams for The Finals

Austria, Croatia, Belgium, Denmark, England, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Wales, Ukraine, Switzerland.

What’s Yet To Be Decided

With four places still on the table, 16 teams will battle it out to secure a place in the tournament during the March Euro 2020 qualifiers. That will make you wonder how the action will play out and which four teams will be worthy of the four spots. However, let’s first look at how the group stages played out.

Group A

England emerged victorious in the group and will be seeded for the finals draw. In the group, Czech Republic also managed to book a spot in the finals, while Kosovo will be heading to North Macedonia for League D playoffs. On the other hand, Bulgaria is set for the playoff, though their path remains unknown.

Group B

Ukraine will remain seeded for the draw with Portugal in pot 3, though Serbia will be visiting Norway for League C’s playoff semifinals.

Group C

Netherlands and Germany are seeded in Pot 2, while Northern Ireland will be visiting League B’s Bosnia & Herzegovina. Belarus will be in Georgia for the League D playoffs.

Group D

Switzerland emerged victorious in the group and it’s in Pot 2 as Denmark qualified for Pot 3 after finishing second. However, Ireland will face Slovakia in League, while Georgia faces Belarus in League D.

Group E

In this group, Croatia emerged victorious and will be seeded in Pot 2, while Wales came second and booked a slot in Pot 4. However, Slovakia and Hungary will have to try their luck in the Playoffs.

Group F

Spain will be seeded for the final draw after winning the group, with Sweden following in second place to earn a spot in Pot 3. However, Norway and Romania will only get a chance to fight for a spot in the tournament during the playoffs.

Group G

Poland was the group winner together with runners up, Austria, but Israel and North Macedonia’s path will be determined in the playoffs.

Group H

While France and Turkey have both qualified for the Euro 2020 finals, Iceland will have a home semifinal in League A.

Group I

Belgium won this group and will go to the finals together with second-place, Russia who are in pot 2. However, Scotland got a home semifinal for its League C path.

Group J

Italy has booked a spot in the Euro 2020, and they’re guaranteed that they will be seeded for the final draw. Finland also has qualified for their first tournament in Pot 4, while Bosnia & Herzegovina will be facing Northern Ireland in League B.


With 16 teams from the UEFA Nations League path ready to battle it out for a chance at the Euro 2020, the games are expected to be as thrilling as the main tournament. The two winners of the one-legged semifinals scheduled for March 26th will be meeting in the finals on March 31st for a spot at the Euro 2020.

During the semifinals, the highest-ranking nation will be on home soil, while the home team for the finals will be selected on November 22nd. The confirmed playoff fixtures include:

League A

  • Bulgaria Vs. Romania
  • Iceland Vs. Romania

League B

  • Slovakia Vs. Ireland
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina Vs. Northern Ireland

League C

  • Norway Vs. Serbia
  • Scotland Vs. Israel

League D

  • North Macedonia Vs. Kosovo
  • Georgia Vs. Belarus

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Author: Serg Levan

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